Who Do Your Emotions Belong To?

Do you feel as though your thoughts, feelings and emotions belong to someone else?  Perhaps you are an Empath?  Do you take on feelings and emotions who below to others in the form of thoughts, feelings and emotions, as though they are your own all the time?

How would you like a secret tool that allows you to remove ALL the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are not yours?

Have you ever gone into the supermarket after a lunch, knowing full well you are not hungry, and then suddenly felt hungry?  You know that you are not, right?

So when you suddenly feel hungry and you know you are not, then it probably belongs to the person in aisle of the supermarket you just walked passed.

You see – we are incredibly intuitive, psychic and connected beings.  After all we are all ONE!  So we feel everything – everyone else’s feelings and emotions.  This is because we are ALL connected.

So in order to distinguish between what is yours and what is someone else’s feelings and emotions, all you have to do is ask yourself: “Who Does This Belong To?”

If those feelings and emotions go away immediately – then they weren’t yours!  The same applies to pain, sleeplessness, stress, thoughts, feelings, emotions, hunger and a whole lot of stuff.

So Who Do Your Emotions Belong To?

It may be some opinion that a friend or acquaintance tried to get you to believe that certainly wasn’t yours.  You may feel pain you took on from someone.  There may be emotions you took on from a phone conversation with a friend or a family member.  What have you taken on from everyone else, including the Earth?

So “Who Does It Belong To?”

If you are one of those people that takes on everything from everyone all the time, then keep asking “Who Does It Belong To?” all day every day for three weeks.  Once you break this pattern, then you will stop taking on other people’s stuff.

I know people who have to live out in the middle of nowhere as they cannot help feeling everything from everyone all of the time.  When they have completely done this process for three weeks, they are able to go back to living in a town or a city.  They no longer take on everyone else’s stuff.

Try this tool and see what happens… you will be amazed!

Have fun with this!  Enjoy the process.   Here is more to play with: https://www.beatingchronicfatigue.com/letting-go-of-emotions/

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