Mind Chatter And How To Stop It

So you go to bed, you toss and turn, you take ages to get to sleep. Your mind is going nuts.  Chitter chatter chitter chatter chitter chatter and on it goes.  “I have to do this tomorrow”. “I have to speak with… ”  Oh I didn’t do this…  “Will I get everything else done?”

How would you like an amazing exercise that stops all this mind chatter from happening and allows you to get to sleep quickly, easily and peacefully?

How to stop your Mind Chatter

Easy..   before going to bed write a list of what you have ACCOMPLISHED today!

Write another list of what you ACKNOWLEDGE yourself for today.

Then if you really have to…  write yourself a TO DO list for tomorrow.

Easy.  Then everything is off your mind…

Have you acknowledged yourself for what you achieved today?

Write down what you have accomplished and focus on what you HAVE achieved (as opposed to what you haven’t achieved).

Get your priorities sorted for what you have to get done tomorrow before you get into bed.

Easy…  then drift of into deep and peaceful sleep knowing that you achieved a great deal today….  and get a Restorative night’s peaceful sleep.

Oh!  And if your mind is still going chitter chatter chitter chatter AFTER you have done all of the above?

That’s easy  too… simply keep telling the Monkey Mind “INTERESTING POINT-OF-VIEW” as you drift into deep sleep.  Before you know it you have gone to sleep…

AND watch what also happens in your  life when you write down your acknowledgements and accomplishments each night before you go to bed!  It will SURPRISE you….

You will actually feel a whole lot BETTER about yourself!  Wow more feelings of feeling better!

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Karen Winter is a Transformation Coach and Kinesiologist and the author of the book “From Chronic Fatigue & Candida To Health & Happiness”.  She provides tools to mastery showing you how to regain your health, your success in your chosen career, abundance and happiness in your life by learning how to prosper.


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