Deceptive Yeast Infections

How many people do you know who have done a Candida yeast infection diet for years and years? Have they ever got rid of their Candida yeast infection (also known as thrush)?  If you don’t address the underlying cause, then you will not ever bring it back into balance in your body.

Candida overgrowth is a common problem for most people these days.  It often remains undiagnosed.  This is because doctors are not trained to recognise this disorder, before it becomes completely out of control such as in cases of chronic Thrush yeast infection.

Both men and women are affected by this condition, and it is very easily passed on from one person to another in relationships through contact with body fluids.  Many people may be affected and have this out of balance on some level, and are not aware of it.

When there is a Candida yeast infection in the body, this is an indication of other underlying issues being present, being deeper systemic factors.  With a Candida yeast infection, both parasites and bacterial infections are almost always present.  Often there are viral infections too.  These underlying causes must to be addressed, before the body can be properly healed.

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You see, Candida Yeast Infection is just a SYMPTOM!

But of what?  A Candida yeast infection may not be the main issue you have got going on with your health nor is it a major illness. As annoying as it is, you have to address it properly in order to get well.

It is not the Candida yeast infection overgrowth that is the culprit. It is purely an indication of other health issues and Emotional factors at play, contributing to Candida overgrowth.  Mercury and other heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, arsenic and copper are huge contributors to Candida overgrowth and systemic issues.

The term “systemic” refers to a bodily reaction to something, whether it is an internal factor within your body or an external factor such as something affecting your skin or affecting you energetically.

Systemic health factors may make changes to your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, heart beat or body temperature.  They may cause emotional upheavals, heart palpitations, migraines and headaches.  This can lead to loss of function, memory issues and many other symptoms. Mercury toxicity may cause all of these and contributes to Candida yeast infections.

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So What Causes Candida Yeast Infection Overgrowth?

Once yeasts have overgrown and are out of balance, they produce and release toxins into your body and your bloodstream as part of their die-off process.  These toxins travel to different organs, glands and other parts of your body, and produce all sorts of symptoms.

Parasites, bacteria, viruses, other yeasts, fungi, moulds and pathogens that love to feed on Mercury and heavy metals.  They also love to be fed with sugar, alcohol and carbohydrates you crave constantly.   For this reason it is essential to eliminate Mercury and heavy metals from your body to restore your health.

Candida yeasts burrow into the lining of your digestive tract weakening the junctions between the cells, causing food and other foreign particles to leak into your lymphatic system and bloodstream.  If you wish to improve your health you must clean up these infections too. Otherwise you may not be able to get well and stay well.

This means eradicating all sources of Mercury and heavy metals from your body, as well as preventing further exposure to heavy metals. These may even come from common household products, personal care products and cosmetics such as mascara, and even from eating contaminated fish and seafood.Natural migraine relief with CBD Oil. Order yours now!

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