Resistance I Love You

As you know what you RESIST persists! Right?  This is how YOU release RESISTANCE!  You keep saying NO NO NO NO NO to Resistance? But then what happens?  What you resists persists!

The best way to deal with what you don’t want, and what you RESIST is to say YES to it.  When you feel resistance in your life say: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES…..   When you do that, the Resistance you are feeling will come to the surface and dissipate. The energy of that Resistance just wants to GO!

So instead of saying NO to Resistance…. say YES to Resistance then say…

Resistance I Love You.

Resistance I Love You.

Resistance I Love You.

Resistance I Really Really Love You.

RESISTANCE do you want to stay? Or do you want to go?

The answer will be YES I want to go! If the answer is NO get out of your Mind.

Feel the energy of what is surfacing, take a big breathe out and let it go.  For further information on using the “Release Technique” which this is from, see below.
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How I Have Ended Up Homelessness…

After three glorious months in Bali, I returned in RADIANT HEALTH, full of energy, sleeping better than I had in years.  My recovery from Lyme Disease, was going well and I was feeling absolutely AMAZING!

Then I got home and went 13 nights straight without sleep!   What WAS this about?  I kid you not!

A short time after returning home, I was struggling to walk when I got out of bed.  My joints had swollen up and I was really stiff and sore.  Nothing like this was going on when I was in Bali!

Another thing I noticed, was I lost my MEMORY – like it had been completely WIPED!  I tried studying.  but I couldn’t even remember what I had studied in my course the day before!

So I called the Real Estate agent and told her to sell my house.  She arrived complaining of poor health.  Said she had had all these Medical tests done, and they couldn’t find what was wrong.  Said she was hardly sleeping and was very very tired.  She was struggling to function….  that sounds familiar!

She asked me why I was not longer able to live in my house?

Turns out when I explained to her why I no longer wanted to live in my house anymore….  She was gob-smacked…

She was having exacting same thing happening to her which is what was affecting her health.   No coincidence…. she hadn’t been sleeping since March and was feeling terrible.  So was her partner!  She complained of blurred vision too…  I had been experiencing the same thing!

Then I caught up with a friend for a cuppa.  Since she had moved to the other town and since living there had severe arthritis and she was in a bad way…

She was on Cortisone as all her joints and fingers were badly swollen and she was having trouble walking and moving.  I asked her if she had that problem before she moved there.  She had a good think about it.  And said NO actually!  Another friend in town has the same swollen fingers and joints and was on Cortisone too.

Even the Hairdresser told me this week that everyone is complaining about how TIRED they are!!!   Find out why I what is going on here and why so many people have similar symptoms.  The cause will surprise you.

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Karen Winter is a Transformation Coach & Kinesiologist.  She is the author of the book “From Chronic Fatigue & Candida To Health & Happiness”.  She provides tools to mastery showing you how to regain your health, your success in your chosen career, abundance and happiness in your life by learning how to prosper.

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