Releasing Life’s Problems

Are you constantly “resisting” life when things don’t go your way instead of releasing it?  Do you keep saying NO when you come up against problems in you life?  Does something or someone often “Disappoint” you?  When things don’t go the way you want do you get irritated?

Today I was in Melbourne for a Specialist appointment which required something to arrive from overseas.  They told me on Monday it may not arrive in time.   I could have chosen to be disappointed by this, considering I had booked flights to get there…

But instead, after I received that email on Monday, I constantly releasing my resistance to this.  Instead of getting upset and frustrated, and instead of saying NO to this situation, I just kept releasing my resistance and kept saying yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes…

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Everytime I thought about this situation, I kept saying yes.  And kept releasing and kept releasing. And kept releasing.

I received a phone call at 8.30am this morning from their office saying there was an item coming in from the airport but that they were not sure it was for me.  I kept saying yes yes yes and kept releasing…

They kindly called the courier and asked him to open the package and see if it was for me…

Yes it was!  But was the courier going to be able to delivery it by noon so that it would be there for my appointment?  That was the next hurdle…

After all I was on a 3pm flight and I could not make a later appointment otherwise I might not have made my flight.  So I just kept releasing and releasing and releasing…. knowing that I was going to change this.

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I kept say yes yes yes around this and kept Releasing

By release my resistance to since Monday, I had changed the fact that they did not think my item would even arrive on time for my appointment today being Wednesday.

Then when they said they did not know if the courier would be able to deliver the item on time for my appointment, I just kept saying yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes and kept releasing any resistance.

So I got to Melbourne for my appointment shortly after noon….  and there it was….  my item was there waiting for me!  I could have been negative about my item not arriving.    I could have said no no no no and caused my item to be delayed…  But instead, I remained positive and kept releasing any emotional stress I had around this.  I remained focused on what I wanted.

You see if the item did not arrive on time, it may be another six months before I was going to be able to return to get it, and that would not have been good.  So I had to have it today!  And now I have it.  I changed the situation by remaining focused on what I wanted.

I changed the situation by being positive.   By saying YES.  By Releasing all and any Resistance as it surfaced around the situation.

Now I am at Melbourne airport waiting for my flight and I have got what I came here for.  I knew I would get what I wanted.  I remained completely focused on getting what I wanted.   And I got it what I flew down here for.

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Want To Know How To Deal With Life’s Irritating Problems And How To Get What You Want?

You too can solve your problems in life simply by releasing all of your resistance.

You can get what you want by removing the obstacles.  By releasing your resistance to them… by saying YES to every problem or irritation or frustration in your life.

Change the situation by being positive and focusing on what you want.  You to can get whatever you want by releasing whatever resistance or emotions are stopping your or holding you back!   Try this tool for yourself!

For further details on how to use the Release Technique please read:

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