Phone Radiation Assault

Phone radiation coming from using your iPhone or Smartphone for as little as 30 minutes a day, can mount up.  After 10 years of using one of these devices, you may have a 40% increased risk of developing a brain tumour.  Your phone constantly emits Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) in the form of Radio Frequency (RF) radiation, even when you are not using it.

It especially emits large amounts when sending and receiving data while making calls, sending texts, streaming videos, browsing social media or using it to search online – frying you as you use it!

iPhones and Smartphones send and receive information in pockets or cells.  This why they are called cell phones in so many countries. These pockets of energy are much greater than your phone. Hence the radiation your body is exposed to is higher.

Phones radiation exposure limits are called specific absorption rates (SAR).  One thing to note – they are testing on plastic heads with water inside and not humans!

Chaga mushroom radiation protection tea
Chaga mushroom radiation protection tea

The phone radiation from your iPhone or Smartphone is dangerous

Even low levels of EMF radiation are carcinogenic to humans.  Here are 16 ways to protect yourself from phone radiation:

  1. Only Use Your iPhone or Smartphone When You Have To

The safest way to reduce our exposure to EMR is simply to reduce the use of your electronic devices. When you are making phone calls, try to not talk longer than you have to.

  1. Get A Phone Wi-Fi Radiation Protector

Place a Phone Wi-Fi Radiation Protector on all your small electronic devices or carry an Aircraft Travel EMF Harmonizer with you at all times, which provides you with 30 metres of protection.

This also protects you against others using their phones and Wi-Fi around you.

  1. Distance Is Your Friend

To reduce radiations from your iPhone or Smartphone use the speaker phone or hands-free option, such as the built-in speakerphone.  Place it on something so that it is not in your hand.

Head headphones or Air Tubes are still sending Wi-Fi and radiation to your head so these are not necessarily a better option.

Do not hold your device to your ear, and keep it at least two centres or half an inch away.  The closer you hold the device to your head, the higher your exposure will be.

  1. Wait Until The Call Has Started

If you do plan to use your iPhone next to your head, wait until after the call has started. Phones emit more radiation as they are to connecting to another device.

  1. Don’t Carry Your iPhone or Smartphone On Your Body

Today’s modern phones emit radiation all the time, even when we’re not using them. They do this to keep apps updated, to keep your GPS location up to date, to receive notifications and texts, etc.

Many people have died already from tumours where they carried their phone in their suit pocket, like Jimmy Gonzalez…

  1. Only Make Calls On When You Have A Good Signal

When your phone has only one or two signal bars, it dramatically increases radiation emissions.  Studies have found that radiation emissions from your phone can increase by as much as 1000 times when at one bar or less.

  1. Keep Your Phone Away From Your Children

Recent studies have found that children who use mobile phones are five times more likely to develop a type of brain cancer called acoustic neuroma.  The primary reason for this is children’s skulls are thinner, and provide less protection for the brain from radiation exposure.

  1. Airplane Mode Is Your Friend

Your exposure to phone radiation is reduced when your phone is put into Airplane mode. Your phone emits way more radiation when you are operating it.  They emit a large amount just staying connected.

Airplane Mode is fantastic for whenever you don’t have to use your phone, or if you wish to use it as an alarm clock while you sleep.

  1. Don’t Operate Your iPhone or Smartphone In Your Car, Train Or Bus

The aerial of your phone will turn the ENTIRE car, train or bus you are sitting in, into an aerial for you phone, unless you have an Harmonizer with you at all times, OR an carry an Aircraft EMF Orgone Generator which provides 30 metres (99 feet) of protection everywhere you go.

While your vehicle is that moving your phone is constantly scanning to find new towers to maintain a strong signal. This constant scanning increases radiation emissions.

  1. Don’t Trust Specific Absorption Rates

SAR ratings are not a great indicator of how safe a phone is, and actually does very little in helping people navigate the confusing world of measuring radiation safety.  When you read it in detail it isn’t telling us much!

Children’s brains absorb double the radiation on average of an adult brain, and SAR levels are based on an adult brain.

  1. Making A Quick Call Consider Texting Instead!

Although sending a quick text DOES emit some phone radiation, it’s far less than the radiation you are exposed to during a short call.

Hold your phone out away from your body when you hit “send” to lower your exposure when sending.

  1. Use Your Phone Less When You Are Tired Or Sick

When our bodies are tired or sick, just like anything else, they will have a harder time protecting themselves from the biological harm of phone radiation.  Consider being more cautious of radiation sources when you aren’t feeling well.

Do you like making really long calls to your close friends and family? Please consider getting a standard landline phone that plugs into the wall.


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14. Do you turn your Wireless Wi-Fi modem off at night?

Did you know that you are actually FRYING yourself as well as all of your neighbours when you sleep with your Wi-Fi on?  Not to mention this too reduces and may even stop your Melatonin production?  Always, always, always turn your WIFI off at night as well as when it is not in use!

15. Keep Your Apps Closed

A surprising number of people aren’t aware that every App they open on their phone continues to run in the background unless it is closed down.

Shutting apps down will dramatically improve the battery life of your iPhone.  I only figured out how to do this recently!

16. Don’t Sleep With Your iPhone or Smartphone On

Do you wake up feeling drained and tired, like you have hardly slept but you know you have?

EMR dramatically affects the quality of your sleep.  It actually stops your body producing Melatonin, which is a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness in your brain.

Your pineal gland where Melatonin is produced registers EMR as daylight, which stops Melatonin production; because your brain believes there is still daylight around you.  Melatonin is particularly important for detoxifying your body.  Without regular Melatonin production your may end up with Cancer!!!

Switch your phone off EVERY night and leave it in the same place e.g. the kitchen bench.  Buy a manual alarm clock which is healthier for you (and NOT a digital one!)

16. Have A Landline Phone (But NOT Cordless)

Cordless phones operate in a similar way to your iPhone or Smartphone and then you have a phone tower (base station) right inside you home!  Just as bad! Of particular concern is that these prevent Melatonin production in the brain.

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