The On-Demand Monkey Mind

So what if there was only ONE Monkey Mind and what if we were all plugged into it having the same thoughts which creates all that mind chatter that we constantly experience.   Just like in the movie “The Matrix” you too can disconnect or unplug from the Monkey Mind and be free of all that mind chatter.

Recently, one of my recent Coaching clients was in stunned for a week during her “You Happy Health Ever After” coaching programme with me.  At first she wouldn’t tell me why so was a stunned as she didn’t know what had happened!

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Her Monkey Mind Was Completely Still

It turned out she had worked so hard, and had exceeded all expectations.  She had reached the point of “No Mind”.  She had NO mind chatter and her monkey mind was completely STILL.  Now you understand why she was stunned!

She thought something was wrong at first.  Then she began to enjoy:

*    the peace and tranquility

*    deep rejuvenating sleep

*    and the amazing feeling of relaxation from having a peaceful mind….

She used lots of my Tools To Mastery when we worked together doing One-On-One Coaching.   One of the tools she constantly used to stop her constant mind chatter (which was keeping her awake half the night), was…

To stop the Monkey Mind everything is just an “Interesting Point-of-View”

Every time a thought came too her she simply told that thought  “Interesting Point-of-View”, and the same with the next thought and the next thought and the next thought.

She did this when people were impelling their stuff on her.  After all, it was their  “Interesting Point-of-View” and not hers and she wasn’t willing to buy it.

She did the same when all those stray thoughts were flying around that she knew weren’t hers.  She simply told them “Interesting Point-of-View”…

Then she began to tell the Monkey Mind, “Interesting Point-of-View” that I have that “Point-of-View”.

If you use these processes all day every day, every time thoughts surface, for three weeks guess what happens?

You got it!

Keep telling that Monkey Mind “Interesting Point-of-View”.  And then keep telling it  “Interesting Point-of-View” that you have that “Point-of-View” and you will STOP the Monkey Mind from chattering.

Thoughts and thinking are useful when it comes to your work.  They are really ONLY required for planning.  For all other purposes, they are useless.

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Now there’s some food for thought…

So give this a try….  do this every moment of the day you think about it for three weeks.  Tell each thought  “Interesting Point-of-View”!

Set up 15 minute reminders in your iPhone or Smart Phone if you have to!

And when the Monkey Mind quiets down, and then still more thoughts and opinions come flying through, then say  “Interesting Point-of-View” that I have that  “Point-of-View” about that “Point-of-View”.


Karen Winter is a Transformation Coach and Kinesiologist.  She is the author of the book “From Chronic Fatigue & Candida To Health & Happiness.  She provides tools to mastery showing you how to regain your health, your success in your chosen career, abundance and happiness in your life by learning how to prosper.

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Being You Changing the World By Stopping The Monkey Mind

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