Move It Daily Or Lose It!

Have you heard the saying “move it or lose it”? 

Do you wondered why many elderly people have to rely on walking devices?  That is because it is due to a lack of regular exercise in their lives.  If you don’t move your joints you lose your motility – so move it or lose them!

Do you see lots of older people struggling to walk on their strollers, walking sticks or worse still…. getting around town on those scooters because they cannot walk on their own legs any more.  Or worse still they are too afraid to walk without their crutches?

Well, if you don’t move the joints in your body on a regular basis, you lose them.  You see, what happens if you don’t move them regularly, they seize up without use.  Your joints then calcify. Spurs grow on them and then cause pain.  The same goes for your muscles and connective tissue – they get stiff and sore too if they are used regularly.  The fascia in your body will set like glue, so then you are not able to move.  When this happens the body scream out to you in pain, as you no longer have your flexibility.

So it is vitally important to move your body and exercise it every day.  If you don’t use your joints, muscles and connective tissue – you lose them.

I am not talking about having to go to the gym and work out every day…. you can do that if you choose to.  I am talking about doing 30 minutes to move your body every day.   You may choose do this by attending regular exercise or yoga classes.  But the easiest way of doing this is go for a regular walk every day.

Better still, adopt a rescue dog if you really need an excuse to walk every day!  You do dog loves to move and will beg you to go walking!


Move it or lose your mobility and motility

I had a lovely walk this morning right beside a beautiful lake lake.  The sun was shining and the air was warm.  I saw ducks, swans, seagulls, herons and shags.  They were all basking in the beautiful early morning sunshine.

When I had Lyme Disease it was difficult for me to walk and exercise.  I still went walking regularly even though it wasn’t easy.

Maybe you can walk to work instead of driving.  Or perhaps leave your car at home and ride a bicycle to the local store when you only have to go a short distance, or get outside and do more gardening.  Do anything that gets your body moving.  These days most people today do too much sitting!

The latest research proves that sitting ALL day is now a bigger killer than Obesity!  Scary isn’t it?  So get yourself out there and go for a walk.  Just move your body and get your circulation moving….  Start slowly if you have to and build yourself by doing exercise for minimum of 30 minutes a day!  Get out in nature.  Breathe fresh air…  do exercise daily and see how amazing you feel!

The benefits you get when you move your body:

  1.   It increases your circulation by getting your blood to move
  2.   It pumps your lymph flow through your Lymphatic system
  3.   Walking lubricates your joints
  4.   It flushes toxins out of your body
  5.   Exercise improves your sleep
  6.   It improves your mood
  7.   It makes you feel a whole lot better
  8.   You will feel more relaxed
  9.   Easier to maintain your ideal weight
  10.   You recover faster when you get unwell

These are only a few benefits of exercising.  And there are many more….  All you have to do is 30 minutes of exercise per day.  You can do a 15 minute walk in the morning and then again in the evening.

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Remember to “breathe” too, as it is just as essential as moving your body daily…

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