Stealthy MTHFR & Borrelia

After years of research and treating people with with Kinesiology, I quickly learnt why some 30% of the population get sick from Lyme Disease. This may be due to MTHFR mutation defects that affect many of us.  Recent research states that some 90% of the population may be carriers of Borrelia, which is one of the main pathogens that cause Lyme Disease.

If you have a MTHFR gene mutation, this means your body cannot methylate Folate or Folic Acid properly. Folate plays a crucial role with enzymes in your body. So it is important.  If you have an MTHFR gene mutation, you have to take the methylated form of Folate (Folinic Acid), or better still eat lots of green leafy vegetables which are high in natural Folinic Acid.

By the way, did you know that Folic Acid is a man-made substance made for the livestock?  For some of us, it makes us sleepy.  It is used commercially and added to loaves of bread, breakfast cereal and a whole lot more.  Check it out for yourself!

When you have one of the MTHFR gene mutation, you are more prone to bacterial infections.  Therefore anyone with MTHFR is more likely to get symptoms of Lyme Disease, compared to other people who have normal genes.

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Many of us are born with MTHFR gene mutation

I was born with Mercury and heavy metal induced Porphyria.  My mother had all her teeth removed when she was five months pregnant with me, as I nearly died of Blood Poisoning.  This causes the liver detoxification pathways are more reactive.  My liver over produced Cytochrome detoxification enzymes, so it over-reacted to toxins.  This included toxins Lyme Disease releases – which alot!

Lyme Disease has an affinity to Mercury and heavy metals.  Borrelia, bacteria, Candida and other pathogens love to gobble it up.  It’s their favourite food.  So even though I had detoxified Mercury and heavy metals from my body, I knew that I had to be careful not to kill the Lyme related pathogens too quickly.

This is what makes people really sick, as the die-off causes the release the Heavy Metals back into your body.  You have to clean up all your Mercury, heavy metals, Candida, bacterial and viral infections FIRSMTHFR gene mutation may make you prone to become ill with Lyme Disease

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I got Lyme Disease from a mosquito bite on my inside right ankle driving home from work one Friday night back in 1993. I was in an inner city suburb of Melbourne!  I then develop symptoms because I have one of the MTHFR gene mutations being C677T.

I know how ill I was when I had bad Candida in my 20’s and early 30’s which I cleared up back then.  Hence my symptoms from Lyme Disease were less severe than that of others.  This was why doctors did not think I had I had it to begin with, and I worked it out myself.

I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like to have Candida as well at that time. No wonder people with Lyme Disease get so sick!  Candida makes Lyme Disease so much worse, as do other bacterial and viral infections that come with it.  Then there are all the parasites you have to get rid of.

Mercury, Heavy Metals and Candida must be cleared up in your body first.  If you have any mystery illness or know someone who is unlucky to have any of these, then the Proven Recovery Protocol in this book will make a huge difference, and it may save their life or yours!  This has to be done well before you consider treating Lyme Disease and all its co-infections at
Candida Yeast Infection and MTHFR gene mutation

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