5 Emotions To BE In Your Heart

So you are still in your head all of the time and not in your heart?  So have been addressing your Mind Chatter but your Monkey Mind keeps flipping back to the head stuff, but you forget to tell your monkey mind “Interesting Point-Of-View”?  And you still have all the chitter chatter chitter chatter going on?

So how would you like a technique to bring you quickly and easily to this centre? This is a technique that not only takes you instantly to your heart, but it assists you to easily get to your centre more consistently and will keep you there.

This technique actually synchronizes your head and your heart.  Some of you may have heard of the HeartMath Institute already.  They have done years of research that proves the energy of the heart actually is way more powerful than the energy of the Brain.  This tool comes from them.

The heart has an Intelligence of its own.  What I am about to reveal to you, is how to tap into this Intelligence, and how to synchronize your heart with your head (and your brain).

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Getting into your heart is as easy as focusing on and saying these five Emotions:

  1.  Love
  2.  Appreciation
  3.  Care
  4.  Compassion
  5.  Gratitude

    That’s it.

Focus on these words quietly to yourself and they bring you right back into your centre.  You can focus on these emotions as you meditation if you wish to or during times when you are under duress. You can simply say these five emotions to yourself any time you desire.

When you constantly repeat these emotions, and focus your attention on them, these emotions instantly synchronize your head and your heart together.  Try it and watch what happens.

Want a quick get into your Heart shortcut?

If you want to connect to this centre faster…  such as when you want to weigh up a choice or decision…. let your intuition guide you as your Intuition is connected to your heart.

The shortcut is to simply use just one of these Emotions:   APPRECIATION

Try it!  Takes you right into your centre?  Right?

The more you focus on your centre, the more you will be connected to your Intuition.  Use your intuition for validation of the truth and for daily guidance.

If this centre feels warm and fuzzy when you ask it a question, then your Intuition is letting you know that whatever you are asking is good.

Furthermore, your when this centre is not feeling warming and fuzzy, and feels cold and clammy instead.  This is your Intuition giving you guidance, and whatever you are asking is not so good.

Try using these five Emotions over the coming weeks.  Notice what happens.

Use these five Emotions continually and you will train yourself to get out of your head.  You will notice that you become more connected to your heart centre!  And that’s a good thing!

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