Salt Vastly Improves Your Health

People still believe what the media blew out of all proportion when it comes to salt.  This was not founded on any evidence based medicine or any relevant research whatsoever.

Over the years as a Kinesiologist, I have seen so many people with health issues which had salt deficiency related diseases.  These included:

*   enlarged Goitres at their throats (yes even in this day and age!)

*   muscle aches, pain and cramps

*   heart disease and diabetes

All because they had next to no salt in their diet – ALL due to what the media said!

Candida yeast loves an acidic environment.  Therefore it is important to change your internal environment from acid to alkaline, and bring your pH back into balance.

Believe it or not your body requires salt to hydrate your cells – it is your cell’s currency of exchange.  The first thing a hospital does when a patient gets rushed into the emergency room is they put them on a Saline drip.

Saline saves lives. I have had a lot of Kinesiology clients who are nurses, and they all vouch that this works immediately.  So if salt is so bad for us, why does the Medical fraternity use it to save lives?

Try this SALT Experiment…

Before drinking an 8oz glass of water with one (1) level teaspoon of salt (use sea, Himalayan or Celtic – not commercial) and some lemon juice:

  1. Look around the room and outside.  Notice what your eyesight is doing…
  1. Close your eyes and tune into how you feel…
  1. Notice your breathing and your heart beat, and how your body feels…
  1. Then open your eyes focus on a few things around the room and out the window with your eyes..
  1. Drink your glass of water containing the salt, lemon and water…
  1. Wait five minutes then Repeat steps 1 to 4 above…

What do you notice when you have Salt?

(a)  Is your eyesight is clearer and more focused?

(b)  Is your breathing easier?

(c)  Is your heart beat slower?

(d)  Do you feel calmer?

(e)  Are you more relaxed?

(f) How do you feel?

(g)  What else do you notice that is occurring within your body?

As you will notice, you now feel a whole lot better – just from having more inside your body!

When you do not add it to cooked food, your digestive system cannot activate bicarbonate in your stomach or the required enzymes to digest your food properly.

People who do not use it in their cooking are digesting their food badly, and are often suffering from salt deficiency related disorders.

Our Digestive system requires it to activate the bicarbonate in your stomach which is essential for absorbing minerals.

Every organ system and cell in your body requires it to function and to be able to take in water efficiently and to hydrate properly.  And, it balances the pH of your blood so that your body is not too acidic!

Learn a simple technique to use daily in your home that will dramatically improve your digestion, your sleep, your health and your body’s pH in my book “From Chronic Fatigue and Candida to Health and Happiness – How to beat Candida Yeast Infections, Allergies and Chronic Fatigue” at Fatigue and Candida and the benefits of Salt

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