Grounding Yourself For Better Health

Do you wonder why more people suffer from Insomnia these days?  Why there are more people with chronic Inflammation than there used to be?  And why so many people are in pain these days?   A lack of grounding is why! So what can we do about this?  Well here is something simple we can all do… but first let me explain.

Our leather soled shoes got replaced with rubber soled shoes some 20-30 years ago.  When we walked around in leather soled shoes, we were completely grounded and connected to Mother Earth like we were walking around in bare feet.

Have you noticed that since you began wearing rubber soled shoes that you don’t sleep so well?  That you have more infection and inflammation on your body?  And you have felt a whole lot more pain?  This is because rubber soles on our shoes stop us grounding or connecting to Mother Earth.  So what can we do about this…..

Well one solution is to stop wearing rubber soled shoes but have you tried to buy leather soled ones?  They are next to impossible to get these days, as not many people are making them any more… although you may find the odd pair at a Craft Market.

Ways to go about grounding

All you have to do is walk barefoot on Mother Earth for at least thirty minutes per day. Simple. Go outside and put your bare feet on the Earth.  After all we ran around in bare feet when we were kids right?  Thirty minutes of connecting with Mother Earth with bare feet is all it takes to improve your sleep, reduce inflammation in your body and ease pain. When you do grounding like this you will feel so much better.

Can’t put your feet on the Earth as it is covered in snow or it’s too cold outside at this time of the year?  Then putting your feet on a concrete floor that is directly on the Earth, or ceramic tiles that are on concrete directly on the ground will do the trick!  I am often grounding while I am working at my desk as place my bare feet on the ceramic tiles on the floor.  And then when I take breaks throughout the day, I go and put my feet on the grass or on the concrete somewhere outside.  I know how much of a difference this make.

Have you noticed how much better you feel when you have spent an afternoon in the garden?  Or after you had a picnic in the park where you sat on the grass, or walked barefoot along beach?  Not only were you grounding yourself, you were exposing yourself with beneficial, healing Negative Ions that are naturally found in nature.

Nature in itself is grounding

Grounding put yourself by putting your feet on Mother Earth for at least thirty minutes per day will bring about improved health and well-being quickly.  And you get to enjoy Nature while you are there!

Are you TOO busy to get outside into nature or place your feet on Mother Earth?  Then bring Nature inside with Orgone Energy Generators. These highly effective Orgone Generators provide beneficial Negative Ions right inside your home.  At the same time they ‘ground’ and Earth your entire home.

The more Negative Ions you have around you and the more grounded you will be.  Negative Ions protect you from all forms of harmful energies such as Electromagnetic Radiation, WiFi, phone radiation and Earth Magnetic Radiation.

Orgone Energy Radiation Protection Products Provided Grounding

Orgone Generators Fill Your Home Negative Ions Inside Your Home Whilst Earthing Your Home Keeping It Protected

Happy grounding…

Karen Winter Dip.HSc. Kin. 

Karen Winter is a Transformation Coach and Kinesiologist and the author of the book “From Chronic Fatigue & Candida To Health & Happiness”.   She provides tools to mastery showing you how to regain your health by learning how to prosper.


Karen Winter MindSet Leader

As a Mindset Leader, I take you through the process of identifying what stops you from achieving your goals. I teach powerful techniques that produce amazing results where clients exceed expectations.
This is like releasing the “champagne bubbles” of your sub-conscious mind.  You let go of the bubbles that hold you back. When you release these bubbles from your sub-conscious, you achieve success.

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