Eradicating Parasites And Infections

The Ultimate Zapper is a wonderful healing device for eradicating Candida, bacterial infections, parasites and critters, viruses and Lyme Disease.

It’s effectiveness is due to the high conductivity of its stainless steel and copper handholds and footplates. This makes it 77% more effective than other zappers available!

Results from using the The Ultimate Zapper includes:

  • reducing high blood pressure
  • eliminating toxins
  • eradicating Mercury and heavy metals

This is because of the Ultimate Zapper’s powerful ability to increase Electroporation which is the ability to increase cellular permeability.  This allows for better water assimilation in and out of cells, effectively removing Mercury, heavy metals and toxins from your body.

Over the years, I used a number of different zappers on the market.  These have included the Space Healer, the Robert Beck zapper and the Hulda Clark Zapper.  The results I saw with my clients were impressive and regularly use one myself.

As a result of its effectiveness, I used The Ultimate Zapper as a major part of my recovery protocol when I completely eradicated Lyme Disease and its many co-infections. I was able to completely recover in only 15 months, between December 2013 to March 2015, after having had Lyme Disease for 24 years.

Consequently, many people have successfully used The Ultimate to combat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candida, Viruses, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and other long-term chronic health conditions.

Long term relief for parasites and chronic health issues

As a Kinesiologist with 25+ years clinical experience, I found the Ultimate Zapper brought about fast relief for my clients.  Many of them completely recovered from long-term parasite critter infections, bacteria and viral infections. A lot of them were able to even overcome Candida yeast infections and chronic fatigue syndrome. It has brought about lasting long term positive health benefits.

The Ultimate Zapper is a powerful blood purifier.  This zapper provides full stream blood electrification.  The new QE2 model has a built Magnetic Pulser to further enhance it’s healing qualities.  Using the Ultimate zapper on a regular basis improves your health and wellness – even if you don’t have any health issues. Using it for 30 seconds at a time makes a big difference. This is how powerful it is.

The Ultimate Zapper works as Zappicator.  It even cleans bugs off your fruit and vegetables before you eat them. So you can place your food, water and drinks (and even your pets) on your Footplates.

Furthermore, you can use the handholds over your teeth and gums (as long as you have no metal in them!), and over any areas where they may be infections.  This is a great way to eradicate hard to access infections from microbes, mould, pathogens, viruses, bacteria and parasites.

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The Ultimate Parasite Zapper
The Ultimate Parasite Zapper
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