Doing Too Much Guilt

Is doing too much for others one of your issues in life?  Do you run around picking up your kids’ dirty laundry and wet towels from the bathroom floor?  Do you end up do everything for them…. cooking, cleaning, washing, putting the rubbish out… doing too much for them all the time?

Are you running yourself ragged?  Are you tired and worn out?  Do you have NO time for yourself?  No time to stop and relax?  Or worse still…. you feel GUILTY if you do stop and put your feet up?

Do you set your boundaries and say no to other people’s constant requests for help and assistance?  Or do you keep saying yes to their demands and ongoing requests, leaving you no time for yourself?

Did you know that constantly “doing for others” is the worst thing that you can be doing for anyone?

It is not good for you nor is it good for them!  It is not good for the people on the receiving end, who then expect everyone to do everything for them!

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Seven Ways We Are “Doing Too Much For Others” by Annette Noontil:

  1. You feel like you have been taken for granted
  2. It wears you down and drains your energy
  3. You don’t have the time do what you require for yourself
  4. The ones you do too much for miss out on the learning experience
  5. You feel as though you have been taken advantage of
  6. They miss out on the satisfaction of doing things for themselves
  7. You make them weak as they don’t learn how to do things for themselves

So your children who had everything done for them go off to University and share a house with others.  They leave their dirty clothes and wet towels on the bathroom floor.

They don’t know how to cook or clean up in the kitchen so they leave a path of destruction other people have to deal with.

Their untidiness and lack of ability to leave things as they found them is a constant source of stress for all those people around them…..  then they repeat this with their own children… and the pattern continues….

To next time you feel like running around picking up the mess your kids have left of the bathroom….  teach them how to hand their wet towels up to dry and how to put their laundry in the basket.  Or when they leave their toys all over the floor or the driveway, reach them how to put them away.



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Teach them to cook, how to do the dishes and how to clean up

Next time they call you for assistance….  say NO!  Tell them you are busy.  Then take some time out for you.  They have to learn to handle life without you jumping in and doing things from them.

And isn’t it high time they learn to do these things for themselves, and to stop their dependence on you having to running around and doing things for them all the time.

Bring your life back into balance.  When one thing is missing in your life, your entire life feels OUT of balance.  Usually the one thing that is missing is taking time out for YOU.   When you don’t stop and rest and relax, and you keep going, going, going…. then your entire life feels out of balance.


So instead….  find a lovely book to read and curl up with it.  Or take a long hot candle-lit bath.  Or go out for a massage, or a facial, or go and get your hair done.  Get together with some friends over lunch or afternoon tea and have a good laugh.

Do something that soothes your soul.  Say NO to running around doing things for others constantly.  I am not saying that you say no all the time….  just bring more peace and balance into your life.

Then when you have others asking you to do something for them…. TEACH them how to do it for themselves.  Empower them.  Give them the sense of Accomplishment for learning a new skill and doing these things for themselves.

Watch what unfolds in your life and theirs when you give them back their Power, and take back your power!

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