Zen Cucumbers With Emotions

Emotions related to Water. Did you know your body is 75% water – just like that of a cucumber?   We are not so different to cucumbers? Well, perhaps Cucumbers with emotions!

As you most likely know, a Japanese man called Dr Emoto proved that the way we think and feel changes the effects of water. Kind thoughts and good feeling emotions turn water into beautiful crystals, when viewed under a microscope. Are you thinking kind thoughts constantly or are you thinking unkind thoughts?

Unkind words and swamp water and negative emotions… well they just look like swamp water under the microscope… What would the water in your body look like if you viewed it under a microscope today? So when you think certain thoughts, you change the water in your body.

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Love and Gratitude

Change the water in your body TODAY by changing your thoughts feelings and emotions to LOVE AND GRATITUDE! … keep saying LOVE AND GRATITUDE

Even situations you don’t like in your life? Replace how you think and feel about them with LOVE AND GRATITUDE

Take a look at the image below and see what LOVE AND GRATITUDE looks like when water was exposed to LOVE AND GRATITUDE by Dr Masaru Emoto…

We all have to take Responsibility for ourselves right? After all no-one else will do it for you.

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How let go of emotions and feel better daily?

These tools will create life changing results for you… all you have to do us take responsibility and use them.  Now combine Releasing Resistance (read my earlier blog post on how you do this if you haven’t read it already)…  with LOVE & GRATITUDE…

So when you have felt your Resistance and gone through the RELEASE process to let it go…  Then the best thing to do is to replace that old energy you released with…  You got this….

Do you know that the more you feel LOVE & GRATITUDE… the more abundance you will bring into your life?  Now that can’t be a bad thing can it?   Go forth and Release all your Resistance…. and replace it with….

Notice how much better you feel!

 Being You Changing the World

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