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Candida Yeast Infection May Affect Your Health

First of all, Candida is an indication that you have low grade systemic health issue.  This fungal yeast infection is contagious.  Candida is often present with bacterial infections, viral infections, Lyme Disease and other chronic health problems.

Pharmaceutical drugs and medication are unsuitable to treat Candida. As a consequence, drugs deplete your Immune system leaving you feeling worse.   The best treatment for Candida is to strengthen and support your Immune system.  And, it is important stop feeding Candida with food it craves.

We inherit Candida from our mother via the placenta. Consequently, Cradle Cap and eczema on newborn babies are due to a Candida yeast infection.  These little white spots that you see inside your baby’s mouths and on their heads, are signs of this yeast infection.

Have you ever taken antibiotics?

Antibiotics often trigger a Candida yeast infection.  While they kill everything good and bad without distinction and strip the lining of your gastrointestinal lining tract.  As a result, antibiotics destroy healthy gut flora, leaving Candida and pathogens to spread leading to poor health, allergies and inflammation.

Candida loves sugar, yeast, alcohol, gluten and carbohydrates.  Therefore, Candida just loves potato chips, cookies, white pasta, beer and wine, and anything the body easily converts to sugar.

Fungal infections spread from your gut into your bloodstream. As a result, this leads to parasites, bacterial, protozoa and fungal infections which develop colonies causing brain fog and memory loss.

Furthermore, a strong Immune system eradicates Candida effectively boosting your health.  Consequently, Kinesiology is an amazing tool for strengthening your Immune system and address emotional stress.

The world’s leading Oncologists state that Cancer is a fungus?  Is Candida the fungus these doctors are talking about?  Find out what these Oncologist say Cancer actually is, and more about in this highly informative book.

Transform your health while eradicating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I got started in Kinesiology after experiencing such great results myself, after which my Chronic Fatigue and all my allergies went away, and I felt better right away. Letting go of our old thoughts, feelings and emotions is important, as well as our Resistance to them

Posted by Karen Fay Winter on Sunday, February 5, 2017


My results from Kinesiology were amazing. A lifetime of Chronic Fatigue, Candida and was completely eliminated quickly and easily.

How to improve your health and happiness

In conclusion, this book is especially relevant as it provides simple, cost effective and easy to use measures that you can use at home.  Get well quickly and easily and learn how to stay well.  Hence, this book contains a proven protocol that produces fast results.  In addition, learn the underlying causes of Chronic Fatigue and Candida  how to heal quickly and easily overcome these.

Finally get yourself well and stay well.  Restore your life, rejuvenate your health, and enjoy success and happiness.

Chronic Fatigue And Candida Health Book

“Chronic Fatigue & Candida Book”


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