Truly Breathe Breathe Breathe

Do you notice at times that you take quite shallow breaths?  And then when you are under a great deal of stress, it’s like you are hardly breathing at all? It’s like you are afraid to breathe?

Did you know that when you take in deep breaths and breathe them out, you actually let go of a whole lot of stress?  What you will notice is that you will feel a lot better and way more relaxed.

So next time you are stressed, working under pressure or chasing a deadline, take some deep breaths in and then them let go.  And let go of all the resistance too and what your life flow! Notice how you feel when you do this.


The Deeper You Breathe The Deeper You Live

Did you know that the more you breathe the more you take in life.  And the more you actually live your life?

So next time you find yourself shallow breathing, take in some really deep breaths and then breathe them out while letting go.

Your Breath represents your ability to take in life according to Louise Hay. Her affirmation for Breath is:

“I love life. It is safe to live”

Use this affirmation if you have breathing problems and let go of any stress or resistance that you may have around breathing.

Furthermore, you will notice how much easier life is for you when breathe more deeply and how much more of life you live.

It is your birthright to live and breathe fully!

Consequently, no matter what you have been told by others…  you are worthy of living and loving and enjoying life.

You now choose to fully take in all of life and go out there and have some fun!

Enjoy relaxing more often and remember to take in some deep breaths in every now and again.  Get out and enjoy nature and go breathe in all that lovely oxygen!

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