6 Healthy Benefits Of Drinking Water

Here are the benefits of drinking water and what happens when you don’t drink enough of it.

If you had a cactus in a terracotta pot filled with clay and it had not seen any water for a long time, what would happen if you poured an entire glass of water on it?  Right!

All the water pours over the side of the pot, and hardly any of the water would be absorbed into the clay.  Your body is much the same if it has not been able to take in water for a long time.

But, If you slowly pour a little water at time around the cactus in the dry clay, over a period of time, all of the water would slowly be absorbed. This is much the same as your body.

You may notice that when you drink a large glass of water at once, all that does is makes you go to straight to the toilet.  This is because the water will simply go straight through you, as you won’t be able to absorb it.  But if you slowly sip your water, such as only drinking a few mouthfuls every 10 to 15 minutes.

cactus benefits of drinking water

Here are what you will find are the benefits of drinking water:

  1.  That you will feel better hydrated
  2.  Your thirst will be better quenched for longer
  3.  And that you are no longer running to the toilet as often
  4.  You look much younger than your age
  5.  Your pain will go away
  6.  You will have fewer allergies

Try this for yourself and experience the benefits of drinking water for yourself.  Here are a few common symptoms of dehydration

* Constant Headaches

* Rapid ageing and looking older than biological age

* High Blood Pressure

* Weight gain

* Pain throughout the body

Consequently, I saw a lot of people in clinical practice who came to me with headaches, back pain who were carrying excess weight.  Most of them easily looked 10 to 15 years older than their biological age.

After correcting their Hydration so their body was able to better assimilate water, when they came back for their next session, ALL of these symptoms were gone, and they looked their age, even younger.  They saw that anti-aging was definitely one of the benefits of drinking water.

So how many of the above symptoms do you have?

cactus benefits of drinking water

And how much water do you drink every day?

Have a go at drinking more water daily, and drink it slowly and see what happens?  Yes you may flush out a lot of toxins to begin with, but I can guarantee you will feel much better.  And have fewer headaches.  And less pain.  These are just a few of the benefits of drinking water!

Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water per day  —  SLOWLY  —  and see what benefits of drinking water you get.  Add some lemon juice if don’t like the taste!  Filtered water is way better than tap water or bottled water!

Drinking water slowly all throughout the day by sipping it, or only drinking a mouthful at a time is your best option.  If you cannot assimilate the water you are drinking, you will “water log” your kidneys which may adversely affect your blood pressure, and flush out valuable minerals from your body.

Always filter all tap water before drinking it, and if you can, install an entire house water filter so that you do not absorb chlorine through your skin in the bath or shower.


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cactus benefits of drinking water

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