7 Steps To Admit Your Anger

So you are quick to anger these days? You over-react to your partner, your boss and your family.  But why do you anger so easily? Do you find that you get really angry?  Learn how to let go of your anger out over silly little things that you don’t understand.

Well here is a simple tool you can use to let go of all those Feelings and Emotions that are making you over-reactive…

Yes those Feelings And Emotions you keep stuffing down…


Burying somewhere

Anywhere in your body, your organs, your muscles, your energy fields and even in your aura wherever you find to stuff them away.

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Would you like to break this pattern and STOP reacting by getting Angry?

How would you like to let go of getting angry and being so reactive?  Well it is pretty simple really.  All you have to do is let go of your anger!

Yes that’s it.  As simple as that!

Stop pushing them away.  Don’t keep stuffing them back down.  Stop suppressing them.   Don’t keep ignoring them.  And stop shoving them back where you put them.  As only you can do!

The easiest way to deal with your feelings of anger as they surface is:

*    Acknowledge them

*    Feel Them

*    Appreciate them

*    And then breathe them out, and release them

The most effective way to release your Anger this by saying:

” I thank me for these feelings ”

Yes it is that easy!

In addition, the more you thank yourself for your feelings….  and the more you Acknowledge your feelings….  and the more you Appreciate your feelings, therefore the more you will LET THEM GO!

7 steps to easily overcoming your Anger

  1. Feel them…
  1. Acknowledge them…
  1. Bring them to your Heart Centre to transform them…
  1. Say “I thank me for these feelings”
  1. Appreciate them…
  1. Take a deep breathe in…
  1.  The breathe them all out and let them go

Do this constantly…   all day every day…  and drink plenty of water to assist with flushing your emotions out.

We all have lots and lots and lots of layers of emotions we have stuff away somewhere on lots of levels going all the way back to our childhood.

Then, when you stop feeling emotional, then keep doing this so that you can then remove all the sub-conscious and deep-seated emotions you have long forgot about.

In conclusion, when you do not hold so much anger, you will be surprised:

(a)  how much better you will feel,

(b)  how much more energy you will free up,

(c)  and how much less reactive you become….

Give this a try and see what happens.  After all…. what do you have to lose but a stack of emotional stress that holds you back in life?

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Karen Winter is a Coach and Kinesiologist and the author of the book “From Chronic Fatigue and Candida To Health & Happiness”.  She provides tools to mastery which show you how to regain your health, attain success at anything, and how to have abundance and happiness in your life.

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