Ancestors’ Emotional Patterns

Did you know that many of your thoughts come conscious programming that may actually come from our Ancestors.  We inherit our thoughts, feelings and emotions from our parents, our grandparents, our great-grandparents.  And they inherited them from their Ancestors.

These thoughts, feelings and emotions come from our Ancestors.  So you may not every know why you think the way that you do.  You may never know why you create some of the patterns you create in your life.  Even where they came from, unless you fully understand what your Ancestors went through.

I have been researching my Ancestors by doing our Family Tree, and I had my DNA tested in order to find my father’s side of my family. What a discovery.  I learnt that my Grandfather had suffered a great deal and now understand where my father’s poverty consciousness came from.

My Grandfather was forced to orphan five of his children.  I got an email yesterday from a cousin whose Grandmother was my Grandfather’s sister and they were orphaned too.  So feelings of “unworthiness” and “abandonment” came from them too.  Oh and issues relating to money and poverty.

And from my mother’s side of the family come lots of feelings of being “unsupported”.  No wonder I had issues with support in my life. The lack of support that comes from that side of my family.  So what family patterns have you inherited, that form your day to day thoughts, and create your reality and problems in life?

So how do we counteract the influences of our Ancestors in our lives?

You can use these tools I have provided you to shift these old patterns that have come from your Ancestors.  When you understand these aspects and influences come from your ancestors, you can then feel and release these patterns as they surface.

Here is another process you can use when you recognise a pattern you wish to let go of from Louise Hay…   When you have an uncomfortable situation or a problem in your life, ask yourself:

“What could be the thoughts in me that created this?”

Close your eyes, bring up all the thoughts, feelings and emotions around this situation, feel them, acknowledge, appreciate them and then breath them out and let them go.  Then say:

“I am willing to release the pattern in my consciousness that created this condition”.

Repeat this new thought pattern several times and release all the feelings that show up for you as you repeat this.  As more thoughts, feelings and emotion come up around this pattern over the days following, continue to release them until they have all gone.

Bring in new positive feelings after you have released the old ones such as love, peace, joy, gratitude and appreciation.  Then work with the next issue that confronts you.  Enjoy the process and watch what unfolds in your life.


Karen Winter is Transformation Coach and Advanced Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner.  She is the author of the book “From Chronic Fatigue & Candida To Happy Ever After”.  She provides tools to mastery showing you how to regain your health, your success in your chosen career, abundance and your happiness.

Karen Winter MindSet Leader

As a Mindset Leader, I take you through the process of identifying what stops you from achieving your goals. I teach powerful techniques that produce amazing results where clients exceed expectations.
This is like releasing the “champagne bubbles” of your sub-conscious mind.  You let go of the bubbles that hold you back. When you release these bubbles from your sub-conscious, you achieve success.

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