Why Affirmations Don’ Make You Feel Better

So you want to feel better?  Have you tried using Affirmations?  A great way to set Affirmations into your belief system so that there is no longer any stress on them, is to use the Letting Go Of Resistance Process.  By constantly letting go of your RESISTANCE you will free up your energy, feel a whole lot better and have a more positive outlook on life!

If you haven’t done this already, read my blog post that I wrote about doing this and use this simple technique to move mountains of stress in your life.  It is really easy to learn how to do this see:  https://www.beatingchronicfatigue.com/resistance-i-love-you/

Want to even feel better than this and have your life go even more smoothly?  Then LOVE yourself more!

Use Affirmations To LOVE yourself…

When I first began working with Kinesiology I learnt how to do Affirmations.

With Kinesiology we set Affirmations into your Belief System, by clearing what it is that is holding you back from believing that Affirmation.  If found that by doing a particular affirmation of my clients, they would always come back and tell me the feel better about life!

First I cleared whatever the stress was that showed up as to why they did not believe this affirmation. Then we looked at why it was not set in their belief system.  It might have been emotional, mental, low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, worthlessness, negative messages you keep hearing this is coming from others e.g. parents, peers, school teachers etc; or that simply you were not aware that you can love yourself.

When I first started working with clients, the first thing I did on every client is this one Affirmation, which came from Louise Hay:

“I 100% LOVE myself now and always”

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Affirmations Kept My Kinesiology And Coaching Clients Coming Back For More Sessions.  Why?

  • Because affirmations made them feel better about themselves
  • My clients were much happier within themselves
  • They had more confidence and better self-esteem
  • People then had happier relationships
  • Their friendships improved
  • Life seem to go more smoothly for them
  • They were more positive
  • They had a better outlook on life
  • AND, they felt MORE WORTHY!

ALL of this came about from doing this affirmations on every client when they came to see me.  Wow!  Even I was amazed.  So now you can say this too.

As Carolyn Myss always said…. just saying affirmations without doing any work to clear the reasons you don’t believe them is like putting a “candy coating on a cow pie”!

And without Kinesiology, you can still let go of all of that stuff in your “candy coated cow pie”.  This is where you are holding onto or hiding all the beliefs that no longer serve your, or worse, came from your previous ancestors or others.  These may be holding you back from what you want to achieve in life and your success.

How did I get people feeling better about themselves?

To change your beliefs around affirmations and set them into your belief system, all you have to do is use the Release process.  This clears all the stuff that is coming to the surface about why you cannot LOVE YOURSELF.  It was as easy as this if you wish to feel better, to have more ease in your life and more success.

Easy as constantly saying to yourself….. yes yes yes yes yes yes…..

Resistance I LOVE you…. you know how it goes… if not read my blog post about releasing Resistance.

Then…. when you have cleaned up and gotten rid of that stuff in your “Candy Coated Cow Pie” that is holding all that crap about why you can’t love yourself then…

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Replace letting go of those unworthy feelings with “LOVE  and GRATITUDE”…

You got this…  You can do this…

Just keep doing this until there is no more “negative charge” left there about why you don’t LOVE YOURSELF!!!


And yes!  I did grow up on a Dairy Farm.  Mum and Dad used to stand up in Cow Pie’s to make us grow taller….

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