Lyme Disease & Chronic Illness To Health And Happiness Book

Learn How To Fast Track Your Recovery From Lyme Disease and Mystery Illnesses!

Find out how a Complementary Medicine Practitioner completely eradicated Chronic Fatigue, Candida and Lyme Disease and completely restored her health in 15 months, when she was told was impossible to do.  Find out how YOU can recover and get well fast. Learn what the real underlying causes of Lyme Disease and other Chronic Illnesses really is, how to completely eliminate and eradicate it,and why it will take another 20-30 years before the medical profession discover these.

Gain the knowledge of 25 years of clinical practice and personal experience beating Candida Yeast Infection, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and eradicating Lyme Disease…

Learn from an experienced Complementary Medicine practitioner who suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Candida her entire life beat these!  When then went into clinic practice to assist others who were unable to find answers to their mystery illnesses; only to find out 22 years later she had been suffering from Lyme Disease and beat this condition too.

With determination, focus and the correct tools you can get well, have great health and overcome these debilitating illnesses and other mystery diseases. Doctors give these mystery illness fancy names when they cannot explain what drives them, and when they cannot find anything wrong.

These books provide the keys with proven personal results to get your health on track to become well again and how to live a happy life.

The correct steps to using these Chronic Fatigue and Lyme Disease books to get well

When released, this eBook will be available for immediate download. It is essential, however, that you read and implement the protocols in my first book: “From Chronic Fatigue and Candida To Happy Ever After” which is my first book which will be released, followed by this book – “Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness to Health and Happiness”, which addresses the real cause of Lyme Disease and chronic illnesses.

Note that in order to get well all the steps in my book “From Chronic Fatigue and Candida To Happy Ever After” have to be implemented before you will be able to begin the protocols in this book “Lyme Disease And Disease To Health And Happiness”. Subscribe today and be the first to know when the Treating The Real Cause Of Lyme Disease And Chronic Illnesses eBook gets launch.

Shortcut your way back to health written by a Complementary Medicine Practitioner who completely eradicated Lyme Disease in only 15 months!

This book is scheduled to be released around September 2017.