Ultimate Zapper Quantum QE2

The Ultimate Zapper electroporation qualities increases hydration, water assimilation and the absorption of minerals and vitamins, which strengthens your physical body, aura and energy fields. As a result, Ultimate Zapper has powerful detoxification abilities and is a wonderful health tonic.

You can find out more about the various frequencies of Pathogens, Micro-organisms, viruses and bacteria from this informative book “The Cure For All Diseases” by the famous Dr Hulda Clark. Additionally, her book has a great reference sections with all the frequencies of various pathogens and micro-organisms.

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Swine Flu Ultimate Zapper Testimonial

My husband John who was at point of death. We found out he has Swine Flu. He was so unwell that I rushed him to the hospital one night, and they ended up putting him in the infectious diseases ward.

After a week in hospital and not really looking or feeling much better. They sent him home because there so we wouldn’t catching any other diseases that would probably kill him. Our neighbours were kind enough lend us The Ultimate Zapper. I can’t believe the improvement in him just in the two days that he has been using it. The next day he had more energy.  He was able to start focusing on his work again.

Three days later, he had vast improvements. The Ultimate Zapper killed the viruses in his body – amazing. We now purchased The Ultimate Zapper for ourselves, so that he can continue to use it to get better and also so I can use it too.  Thank you so much, Emma, Western Australia email received Wed 16 Oct 2013

The Ultimate Zapper Is A Parasite Zapper Which Eradicates Viral and Bacterial Infections

The Ultimate Zapper For Parasites, Candida, Viruses, Bacterial Infections And Pathogens

Candida yeast yeast infection is a hidden systemic health issue that may contribute to many health issues and chronic illness.  It stops your Immune System from working properly, and as a result, may cause it it be over or underactive.  Candida contributes to auto-immune disorders leading to chronic inflammation and chronic health conditions, in addition to Cancer.

Consequently, using The Ultimate Zapper on a regular basis destroys Candida yeast fungal infections, parasites, bacterial infections, viruses and pathogens.

Your purchase comes with a complementary copy of Ultimate Liver Cleanse eBook with every purchase.

AUD $889.95 Shipping including Registered Post shipping to your door
(excluding Middle East – additional Courier charges apply)
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