22 Candida & CFS Testimonials

Chronic Fatigue, Sleeping Better, Anxiety and Panic Attacks Testimonial

Kinesiology Testimonial From Belinda Thomas Australia

Wow, wow, here is my clearing disappointments testimonial. I feel better today, not so tired, and had a beautiful sleep.  Now I feel completely different, way more confident, and I am going to demand way more respect from people in general. That includes Brendan, my partner, who now tells me how amazing I am!   It was great to talk through my issues the way you do.  You are such a great Coach.
Talk soon, Love, Belinda Thomas 31st August 2017

Jazz Singer’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Kinesiology Testimonial

leanne crawford testimonialThis time exactly 12 months ago I was in a very different place….. so here is my testimonial about how Karen changed my life.  I had just finished a teaching job (that I hated) and they didn’t want to re-employ me, so I was unemployed.  Hence I didn’t have any money or money saved, and I owed a lot of money.  And I didn’t have a car, as my old car had broken down and I couldn’t afford another one.

At that point, I didn’t have anywhere to live and I was temporarily living in a bungalow at the back of a friend’s farm in the country. And I didn’t have a loved one in my life.  You see, I was barely talking to my family and we had a strained relationship.  My health was not good – I was still feeling very unwell after suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for 10 years.  I am also a singer and I didn’t have a band anymore or any gigs.  I guess you could say that all the major things one would hope for in their life – a job, money, home, car, love and health were not present in my life.

Now fast forward 12 months of receiving regular and ongoing Access Consciousness sessions with my Kinesiologist Karen Winter.  Wow. What a difference it has made to my life.

Now I have a job – as the Director of a Music Conservatorium, I have a car, I have a rental house to live in – a massive old homestead with an in-ground pool on 92 acres, I am living in a new country town in a different state. And, I have saved money and almost paid everyone back.  My special man has come into my life that loves and adores me.  We are travelling overseas together this year.  I have some wonderful band members I can call on and we have just completed my first concert tour.

I am planning the recording of my first album by the end of the year.  My health has dramatically improved – I found the cause of the problem for my long, debilitating illness and it is being addressed each session. I am feeling more alive and well with a lot more energy and strength.

Now I get a lot of comments about how well I look!  I have improved my relationship with my family.  As I changed, so did they.  I am a lot happier and so much healthier and content.  Friends are amazed that within just 12 months, I have totally turned every aspect of my life around.  I owe all of this positive change to my wonderful Kinesiologist Karen Winter, using Kinesiology and Access Consciousness.  And for this, I am truly grateful.  Leanne Crawford, Jazzeret (Jazz Singer) 30th December 2012

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Kinesiology Testimonial:

I have worked and studied with Karen Winter and happily endorse her treatments. My son suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome which was entirely due to electrical sources surrounding our home.  His sensitivity to electricity. 

Karen dramatically helped me with Kinesiology.  She fixed my fungal problem and got me cleansing my system.  This was all so effective that this has allowed me to live symptom-free.   I do trust the quality of Karen Winter’s work and professionalism.  Susan Pelham  Optimum Health Balancing 28th February 2011

Kinesiology testimonial: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

bronwen williams laughter yoga testimonial“I first met Karen almost 5 years ago and was struck by her amazing knowledge and experience in her field of Kinesiology at that time, which is testimonial to her work. I was seriously ill and Karen worked miracles on me.

Since then we have become friends and I still receive amazing results every time I see Karen. I always recommend Karen whenever I get the opportunity, she is absolutely the best in her field. Add to this Karen’s passionate and generous heart and you have the potential for amazing and long lasting results.

I have seen many Kinesiologists in the past, but Karen is by far the most advanced and up to date, the most experienced, and has the most integrity. One visit with Karen is worth 5 visits to anyone else!”  Bronwen Williams (client) Bronwen Consulted For Health and Wellness From 2006 Consulted With Karen More Than Once, 21st February 2011

Top qualities testimonial: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“I have had personalised treatment from Karen for some significant health related concerns. Karen obviously has a wealth of knowledge in the area of Kinesiology, among many other areas.

I find that she works with great passion and enthusiasm. Her knowledge is outstanding and she has a very genuine desire to affect long lasting benefits to her clients.  She empowers them to continue their healing process. I regard the quality of her work very highly and definitely recommend her approaches to the healing arts.  I am very happy to provide this testimonial of her work.” Rick Nardella (client) Rick hired you as a Health care in 2010 February 11, 2011

“I have worked with Karen as we are both Instructors and Instructor Trainers for Kinergetics and serve on the Board. We have exchanged treatments, so I can recommend the quality and efficacy of her work. We use a referral of clients as we live in different states.”  Glenda Raftery, Fellow Board Member Kinergetics, Glenda Raftery Kinesiologist May 17, 2010

“Karen has a wealth and depth of knowledge and experience in her work as a Kinesiologist, Kinergetics Instructor and Instructor Trainer, and RESET Instructor that is readily available to her clients and students.

Karen is always such a pleasure to work with. She is very dedicated to helping her clients and students successfully transform their lives. I highly recommend Karen to those who are seeking a highly professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and wise Kinesiologist and Trainer.”  Sherry Mead, Owner, Perfect Choice Natural Therapies Centre, Fellow Board Member Kinergetics, March 18, 2009

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Top qualities Testimonial: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“I write this testimonial of Karen’s amazing work and services to share with others. I highly recommend Karen Winter not only as a wonderful specialist, but also because of her personal characteristics. I have known Karen for more than 8 years after we met at my place. My husband and I used Karen’s services as a Kinesiology practitioner with a very good and positive results. She is a very creative, amazing worker and a great person.

Karen travels around the world conducting her workshops teaching and learning and always trying to educate herself with the latest information available regarding alternative healing. Karen also conducted workshops at my place where more than 50 people join her seminars. Everyone was really impressed with her results Karen comes highly recommended.

She is a fantastic professional, she is respected by lots of my friends who were and are her clients whom she helped and assisted in their personal spiritual journey. Thank you, Natasha Marchev Business Analyst, Sensis Chairman, Association of Russian Lynx”  Natasha Marchev (client) Natasha hired you as a Consultant and Guest Speaker 2000 March 16, 2009

ADHD and Bi-Polar Kinesiology Testimonial

Hi there, my name is Lorré Meehan and this is my personal testimonial on how Karen transformed my family.  I’m 42 years old and have 3 children; all boys – ages 6¾, 4½ and 3.  Most days my house is like a crazed war zone.  It would be hard for a normal person to cope with.  My daily routine life I would not wish on anyone, though I can tell you that I love my children to the moon and back.

I suffer from an illness called Bi-polar Rapid Cycling Disorder which is a chemical imbalance in the brain and is a generic disorder. You have a 50% chance of child with ADHD.  Both my eldest son and myself were diagnosed with ADHD and ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) in December 2005.  But I knew when he was in my stomach that he was going to be my difficult child. A real challenge!  I am very perceptive and spiritual.

If you are thinking “oh what a lot of hogwash” just open your mind and stop for a minute. I suffer stress – lots of it – anxiety and panic attacks. I cannot stand loud noises, crowds, bright lights, high pitches like children screaming and squealing or fighting. 

Some days I get extremely depressed and cry at the drop of a hat though this is not my normal personality.  I feel I have been to hell and back since being diagnosed and that’s just not me!  My family, husband and children go through hard times living with me. It has not been easy for any of us!

My sister introduced me to Karen and she treated me with Kinesiology and Neurolink treatments.  I have never looked back!  I don’t pretend to understand how it works but I do know it does work and if you saw me before and after you would understand what I mean.  If I crash and burn; meaning hospitalisation material, all I do is go see Karen and have the Neurolink treatment or Kinesiology.

I swear on the bible, I never feel better. The psychiatrist whom I was seeing has discharged me from his care since receiving this treatment because he cannot do for me what the Kinesiology Neurolink treatment does.  I walk out of Karen’s rooms feeling like a new woman!  When I walk in, I’m crying, can’t speak, have no energy, fall on the bed!  A big shocking mess!!!

When I walk out, it’s like I’m a different person.  By the next day, I could go out partying, literally!  Believe it or not it’s up to you.  My advice: If you suffer from similar symptoms, don’t hesitate. Don’t go through life sick and miserable. Get Kinesiology and Neurolink treatments now!  I believe it’s the answer. After all, I’m living proof.  So what are you waiting for?  From someone who now has hope in her life!   Lorré Meehan, Cranbourne North, February 2006

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TMJ Jaw Relief Treatment Testimonial

This is just a quick note to say thank you for teaching the TMJ Jaw Relief Treatment class and my testimonial of the results from class.  I have used it each morning for the last week and have found it to be invaluable in rebalancing my body. 

Having endured back problems most of my life, this simple tool has empowered me to rebalance my muscles and relieve great stress and fatigue from both the jaw and other parts of my back.  I feel stronger in my legs and more active as a result of using the technique. 

I have noticed I am sleeping more deeply and feeling more relaxed and refreshed when I awake.  My jaw clenching during the night has almost disappeared.  This is a great technique and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again. Colleen Delzoppo, Spiritual Healer 2004

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No More Pain Killers To Get Out Of Bed Kinesiology Testimonial

I would like to thank Karen Winter for totally changing my life after only four visits. After suffering from immeasurable aches and pains in my joints and muscles for many years and after a 15 year long crusade to find the cause. 

Doctors would always draw a blank and offer painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the pain.  Being very stressed at the fact that I would have to take two Panadiene Forte painkillers at bed time.  I wouldn’t feel the pain in my muscles that would cause me to constantly rotate in bed. Too much time on one side would literally feel like my muscles were tearing, so I would have to swap sides to even out the pain.

I would then have to take another two Panadiene forte from my bedside table because I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow in the morning.  And it felt like I had “Brain Fog”. There was the constant a “hot metallic taste” in my mouth and all the cold water I drank would not quench it.  Ultimately out of desperation I searched the internet and made an appointment with Karen and I’ve been headache free ever since.

I realized that “popping pills” was not the answer but only disguising the culprit was Candida.  With a change in diet and kinesiology I have got to say I feel great. It’s still very hard to believe that all that pain and suffering was caused by something so simple. I have recommended Karen to my friends and will continue to do so, and write this testimonial from heartfelt thanks for the amazing changes that have occurred in my life from her work.   Sincerely and with Gratitude,  Rosemarie Spano. 30th November 2005

Candida and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Testimonial

Candida and Chronic Fatigue has never been detected for me despite numerous blood tests of the years.  Even though nothing had presented itself in previous blood tests, I felt that all was not well .Using Kinesiology and knowing the symptoms and causes of this, Karen was able to confirm that I did have Candida and Chronic Fatigue, and put me on the right path to balancing my body and strengthening my system. 

This enabled my body to eradicate the Candida and other issues.  Changing my diet was also a great reinforcement in speeding up the process, the improvements to my energy and well-being, physically, emotionally and mentally have been remarkable.  It has also made me more aware of the good and bad foods in my diet.  Rochelle Woodley, 19 April 2004

Having been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 20 years ago, I had tried many and varied Natural Health treatments in an effort to heal myself.  Mostly, I experienced little change, or my body was so stimulated that days were spent in recovery.

With nothing to lose, I commenced the NAET treatment and over the following weeks, I was thrilled to feel the energy return to my body.  The NAET process had been clearing my body of various allergies and substances, thereby enabling the nutrition from my food to be correctly absorbed.

I feel most gratefully to have found a treatment, which is not only affordable but produces results, which are significant and noticeable.  I intend to continue with NAET and I expect to make a full recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome over time. Karen is a dedicated practitioner who has been most supportive during my difficult moments, and I recommend her expertise and the NAET allergy clearing to anyone who wishes to increase their energy and sense of well-being. Meredith W. 2005

No More Allergies, Food Cravings Gone, No More Sabotages Kinesiology Testimonials

Since having the basic NAET treatments for the immune system, I have found that I am sleeping better and even with late nights I am coping extremely well.  My food cravings are greatly diminished, and just after Christmas, I even recognized an emotional trigger and was able to relax and delay the need for a chocolate fix while experiencing an emotional low. 

My energy levels are increased even when I have not been able to exercise much lately.  I am looking forward to more NAET Treatments to address my period pain (which has already lessened) and hormonal imbalances.  Jacqui Browne 2006

I was treated for procrastination with quite amazing results.  Things just “got done”, not necessarily through my own efforts!  I have certainly not been procrastinating so much after NAET.  Lots of subtle changes – feel like a different person compared to last year.  I had fun clearing sugar because I didn’t want it cleared, so it took several treatments to sugar, as I wanted it so much.  Carol Giles – NAET Allergy Elimination Practitioner

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Stopped Sabotaging Health And Well Being – Allergy Elimination

After I was corrected for sensitivities, with the NAET Allergy Elimination treatment, I noticed I didn’t wake up as puffy around the eyes and face as before. I could eat more foods with reactions, my immune system improved dramatically, and I no longer had a foggy head.

Karen corrected me to being ‘Allergic to Myself’.  After this correction for the first time I felt love towards myself, and feel much stronger physically and emotionally. I am now doing more positive things towards my healing, I am respecting myself more, and have now stopped Sabotaging my own health and well-being. Thank you Karen for helping me so much with the most important thing to love myself more, to love life, and to be more loving towards others.  Izabella Firus

My Testimonial An amazing thing has been happening to me in relation to sugar – I have NO desire for it, NO longer want the occasional desert after dinner, and now when I eat something sweet, I wish I hadn’t, as it makes me feel really uncomfortable.  I was never really a big sugar fan anyway – just occasionally.  NO more wanting sugar or any sweet things for me!  I am no longer allergic to bee strings and mosquito bites, and had lots of treatments for B Vitamins which made a huge difference in my life.  Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin. Kinesiologist

During my NAET treatment, I gradually saw my own aura in faint colours around my head and shoulders (she wasn’t the first!).  I have never been able to see this before and people who saw me after the session told me I looked “different” and “better” in a flattering way, especially when I went for my regular Chemotherapy sessions.  Helen Hart

Chronic Fatigue Gone, Sleeping Better And No More Anxiety and Panic Attacks Testimonial

Over the past year that I have been seeing Karen for treatment with NAET and this is the testimonial of the incredible results.  What I have noticed is my allergies particularly towards acidity have diminished, as well as my sensitivity towards synthetic and man-made fibres.  Prior to seeing Karen I was unable to wear, nor come into contact, with synthetics whatsoever.

Karen treated me for fabrics, plastics and polyester clothing. During a recent visit with Karen I was able to show her, with a big smile on my face, that I was wearing a sweater made of synthetics with no reactions!  Also, I am no longer reacting to preservatives, wheat is much better and so are spices and herbs. I was not able to eat before her treatments.  My allergies in general have greatly reduced.

I am no longer feeling dizzy and light-headed, and the burning sensations that I used get to when I came into contact with chemicals, fabric softener, soap powders and other cleaning agents are not so reactive now.  I am no reacting to foam, furniture, or any other situations where chemical odours are being released as I had been before.  Dimitra Petkoff

Toddler Starts Walking And No Longer Has Allergies

“I first saw Karen when my baby boy Yonah was 15 months and her is my testimonial of what happened after his first session with her.  He had developed an allergy towards eggs, some vegetables and all dairy products.  He was a good boy, but was constantly irritable with diarrhea and stomach pains.  I had heard about N.A.E.T. from my sister-in-law from the States and she had great results, so I decided to try it out. Karen first cleared Yonah of Candida and some Emotional issues.

I was quite skeptical in the beginning of what affect this would have on him, but then something happened that completely shocked me.  One of the Emotional issues that came up for Yonah was “lack of development”.  Karen asked me if he was lacking in any area.  I told her that he was 15 months, only said the word “mama” and had still to take his first step. (I had actually never thought of him being slow in development before).  Karen cleared him of this issue and said that we could possibly see results.

Well, that night he said “dada” for the first time.  It didn’t occur to me at first that this may have been the effect of my session with Karen. Then, just two days later, Yonah took his first steps.  They weren’t just steps, he actually walked across the whole room. 

The next week when I went back to Karen, she asked me if I had seen any results.  With a smile on my face, I stood Yonah up on the floor and he started to walk and I replied,  “You tell me!”  I continued to see Karen numerous times after that.  She managed to clear him of all his allergies to milk, eggs, tomatoes, etc.  Yonah is like a new child.  I would definitely recommend this to people that suffer from allergies.”  Rochel Tilson

NAET Allergy Elimination Technique Testimonial

My two children have been receiving NAET treatments since August 2003 from Karen.  I have seen many changes since then – they are more self-expressive, able to concentrate and are calmer. 

They are also less reactive to environmental allergies – no more coughing in the morning and stuffy sinuses – they can even cuddle the cat without getting itchy.  Thank you Karen for your kindness, care and professional practice. Bis and Family

Chronic Fatigue and Candida Book With Testimonials

Recover from Chronic Fatigue and Candida Fast With This Book

I consulted Karen Winter regarding a very serious and chronic problem with sinusitis.  Karen used the NAET process to work through the many layers of allergy sensitivity. 

I found this to be a very revealing process on several levels.  This ultimately helped me to clear many old issues.  This led me to feel more empowered as the past emotional burdens were addressed and removed. I feel that my work with Karen was highly beneficial in the process of healing I had undertaken in a difficult and turbulent year. Bev Aisbett

Allergy Elimination Testimonial

Last year Karen Winter to treated me with NAET allergy elimination.  Here is our testimonial as she helped my entire family which she helped resolve emotional blockages caused by allergic reactions to food, as well as my relationships within the family.

At the time I was having a strained relationship with my daughter, who was allergic to me.  The treatment was very simple and straightforward on our part.  It involved thinking of the main stress whilst maintaining skin contact with each other.  During this process I was acutely aware of the despair that was part of my daughter’s life.

At the conclusion of the session we had to avoid contact for 25 hours.  This involved me having a well-earned rest at a friend’s house, while my partner battled to control the flood of emotions at home.  It was only through his courage, insight and wisdom that we were able to more forward. On my return home, I found that the relationship with my daughter had improved.

This significantly reduced the emotional triggers. I became aware of the lack of negative feelings in being in the same room as my daughter.  In general, I was less reactive and thus found it easier to cope with her repetitive behavioural patterns. 

In addition I have found a new appreciation to the wonder of my life, my marvel and my partner. I realised that he is able to understand me better and to help me. Oh by the way he is mine, and mine only, so hands off. Rochelle Woodley

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B Complex Allergy Testimonial

The reason I began the NAET treatment with Karen Winter was because I was taking a product with many B vitamins, that made me break out in a rash along my neck. I moved rapidly past the first few NAET treatments, and then it was time for B Complex.  While Karen was treating me, I experienced great sadness, even to the point of a few tears. In fact, two different sad episodes of my life went floating through my mind.

As I left, I still felt this sadness and later in the day I had another episode of feeling very sad with tears in my eyes. At first, I was sure it had to be my NAET treatment, but as the redness persisted on Saturday and Sunday.  I began to think maybe it was a mild case of conjunctivitis. It is perhaps important to note that while the white areas of my eyes were a bit red, the conjunctiva (the lining of the lower eyelid) didn’t look inflamed.

By Monday everything cleared and I was feeling fairly good, but my instinct told me not to try my B vitamins yet. When Karen tested me on Tuesday, I couldn’t hold strong, though I had passed all the other NAET tests in one try. Karen discovered that an underlying emotional problem was blocking B Complex, and she used Kinergetics to clear this. When she checked to see where this allergy had come from, she discovered a link to both of my parents that stretched back 23 generations.

Immediately after the emotional blockage was cleared, I began having positive thoughts about going home.  I tried taking another Vitamin B tablet. With a great deal of fear, I swallowed the first one and was amazed to experience absolutely no side effects from it.  Before I used to begin itching immediately. Thank you, Karen and NAET, for helping me to return to the good health of a balanced body! Bette Gardiner, April 2004