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The RESET Jaw Correction Technique Manual For Home Energy Healing Treatments

TMJ Treatment Which Relieves Jaw Pain, Headaches And Body Pain

 TMJ Jaw Pain Relief for childrenRESET Jaw Pain TMJ Treatment is a great natural energy healing remedy for children. You are about to discover the amazing jaw pain TMJ Treatment, that has helped thousands of people just like you and me to relieve their TMJ pain and stress, and how to achieve permanent freedom from pain.

My name is Karen Winter, and I am a Kinesiologist and a former TMJ and Headache sufferer, so I know how TMJ pain and headaches can disrupt your life. By using these simple exercises daily, and making some simple  lifestyle changes, I was able to get heal my TMJ pain and headaches quickly, effectively and permanently.  If you would like to heal your TMJ pain and get rid of persistent headaches… without drugs, without surgery, and without dental mouth guards, then it is important that you keep reading this page…

TMJ Treatment Testimonial Just Received…. 
Just wanted to tell you, how I just love, doing RESET Jaw Correction sessions on people. It blows me away! I’ve found so far, that I’ve had a lot of success with shoulders.  I had a client with a frozen shoulder, with after a year of physio, cortisone etc. she was open to trying RESET. I did 4 x 1 hour seated sessions. And by the fourth, she no longer has a frozen shoulder. I’m still practising on friends, clients and family! Recording in a book how they respond to the treatments, and what I feel when I’m doing them. I will say though, that I too feel seated is more powerful than lying down.  It has really opened my eyes, the power of energy healing.  Warmest wishes! And Happy and Healthy New Year to you Karen!  Ally T. Melbourne Australia Sent from my iPhone  28 December 2017 16:01

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What makes this TMJ Jaw Pain Relief Treatment so unique

Treat your TMJ pain naturally. Using your body’s own innate healing energy, our TMJ Jaw Pain Relief Treatment will work in a very short period of time and often the first time you use it.  If you’ve ever tried to relieving your TMJ using other treatments such splints, mouth guards or even surgery and failed, it is because these things do not get to the cause of the problem. Our TMJ Jaw Pain Relief Treatment will teach you to balance your TMJ, by assist you to release the cause of your TMJ Pain, and balances your entire body at the same time.

Heal your TMJ pain easily. Some TMJ sufferers have learned how to manage their TMJ pain and are free of their TMJ pain.  You too can learn how you can manage your TMJ pain easily and fast.  Once you use our TMJ Jaw Pain Relief treatment, developed by a Kinesiologist using your body’s own healing energy, you too will be on the path of managing your TMJ pain effective and naturally.  Our instruction manual explains in very simple steps and in detailed color photos that even children can follow.

Get rid of your TMJ for good. Many people suffering from TMJ pain, who use conventional TMJ treatments get manage their TMJ pain often do not succeed.  You can learn how to balance and heal your own TMJ pain easily and effortlessly, and be free of this suffering forever. Our holistic energy healing approach, gives you lasting TMJ relief without any side effects.

Stop your TMJ pain without drugs or surgery. Drugs and surgery can sometimes give you temporary relief, but the side effects can be unpleasant and are not long lasting. We are offering you a natural way to relieve your TMJ pain without side effects, that gets to the cause of your pain and assist you to release it naturally, easily and effortlessly.

RESET TMJ Treatment Jaw Correction Manual
Use the RESET TMJ Treatment Jaw Correction on a table in your Health Practice
TMJ JAW RELIEF TESTIMONIAL   This is just a quick note to say thank you for teaching the TMJ Jaw Relief Treatment class.  I have used it each morning for the last week and have found it to be invaluable in rebalancing my body.  Having endured back problems most of my life, this simple tool has empowered me to rebalance my muscles and relieve great stress and fatigue from both the jaw and other parts of my back.  I feel stronger in my legs and more active as a result of using the technique.  I have also noticed I am sleeping more deeply and feeling more relaxed and refreshed when I awake.  My jaw clenching during the night has almost disappeared.  This is a great technique and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again. Colleen Delzoppo, Spiritual Healer 2004

Australian Dollars $39.95 (includes worldwide shipping with secure Post service)

Why Would You Listen To Me

I have had more than 18 years experience with Kinesiology and assisting my clients in balancing and managing their TMJ pain and dysfunction for many years, in fact, since this TMJ Treatment was first developed, and have been teaching many people to use this technique for years. What I have learn is many people do not have time to travel to a three hour workshop and back, as we all have busy lives. I also discovered that all you need is this simple and easy to follow treatment manual and you can do it on yourself by simply following the instructions.

I used to get constant headaches, migraines, itchy painful ears, jaw and neck pain, and found myself clenching all day and night, waking in the morning with a sore jaw, neck and the shoulders. Does this sounds familiar to you?  I was plagued with my TMJ disorder for years with constant trips to the dentist or chiropractor to no avail, often having to take pain killers when it got really bad and suffered for years with pain and discomfort.

That was when I found Kinesiology and then when this TMJ Treatment was first developed . I was in extreme discomfort with constant headaches and pain, and frequent visits to my Kinesiologist, chiropractor or some other specialist. Only to be told that I would have to come back and have more treatment.

RESET Jaw TMJ Treatment Was Developed

My years of training as a Kinesiologist, and with the development of our TMJ Relief Treatment using our body’s own healing energy, and many years of seeing the results of this treatment on many of my clients, prompted me into wanting to help others to also experience the amazing benefits of this incredible TMJ Relief Treatment.

I know what it is like to have to struggle with a condition that most of the medical profession say there is no help for TMJ pain and suffering, and then finally we discover this natural way to balance the mind, body and the TMJ, using our own innate healing energy, simply by sending energy to the muscles and we got amazing results. In fact, the very first time I saw this performed, I had a really bad headache. When a volunteer was asked for, I jumped up immediately to give it a try. To my amazement, at this demonstration, after a few minutes of a quick demonstration, by the time I sat in my chair again, my headache was gone and I felt even more amazing the next day.
As I learned more about the this TMJ Treatment worked, and how everybody got amazing results from it, I then become an Instructor to teach this to as many people as possible. This lady was one of the people who really inspired me with her results – she could not open her mouth before she had this treatment, and could only drink liquid through a straw before she tried this.

TEMPORO-MANDIBULAR JOINT (TMJ) TESTIMONIAL Over 5 years ago I went for the first time to a jaw surgeon. My jaw was hurting all the time and clicking on both sides. There were a lot of things I wasn’t allowed to do and I had to wear a plastic plate in my mouth to keep the jaws together. If it didn’t improve in 3-5 years they were going to put the upper and lower jaw together with metal, so I couldn’t move at all. I had 2 sessions with Philip Rafferty. After the first the results were amazing. After the second the pain was and still is gone! Thank you.  Kyra, Netherlands Nov 1994. Still good 2006

TMJ Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Australian Dollars $39.95 (includes worldwide shipping with secure Post service)

Relief is Immediate!

When we first started using the TMJ Treatment, I wanted to share it with everyone, which is why I used to teach it to people by running regular workshops. Then I realised people’s lives are too busy to attend workshops, and that they wanted something simpler.  Many of my clients bought the instruction manual and took it home and also got great results.

I realised it was time to work smarter and not harder, so I decided not to continue running workshops, as everyone was able to simply follow the instructions themselves, so I just sold them the book. Then more and more people were wanting the book, so I decided to put it on my Kinesiology website, and make it more easily available for everyone to access.

Energizing your kidneys with RESET Jaw Relief Treatment

Guaranteed Results Every Time

Everyone who got the TMJ Jaw Relief Treatment instruction book and used it got amazing results with it every time. They not only used the TMJ Treatment on themselves, but started using it on their husbands, family and friends.

We also have many Health Professions using this TMJ Jaw Relief Treatment, including many dentists who train their assistants how to use it, to relax their patients first, or to relax extremely tight jaw muscles before they work on patients with difficult jaw and dental problems. We even now have a Wall Chart the Health Professionals can put on the wall in their clinics for easy reference.

Everyone who uses this TMJ Jaw Relief Treatment, tells us that this amazing yet simple TMJ Jaw Relief Treatment is really the solution for treating not only TMJ disorders but also treats many other conditions at the same time.. All you need to do is follow the simple step-by-step instructions or the coloured photographs in the manual and it is that easy.  Anyone can do this!

Introducing… The RESET Jaw Correction Technique

A Unique Natural Treatment using Healing Energy

This TMJ Treatment manual will teach you how to heal TMJ pain and headaches naturally. It also provides you with lots information that will assist you eliminate TMJ your TMJ disorder, as well as many other disorders that it will assist with. As you will see, this TMJ Treatment can also assist you to naturally not only balance your jaw, but by keeping your jaw balanced, you in fact are balancing your whole body and keeping your entire body balanced. So that means less stress, less pain, and you will also be more relaxed in your everyday life, have more energy and eliminate other health issues at the same time.

This TMJ Treatment For Jaw Pain Relief Does:

* Ability to fully or partially open or close your mouth * Jaw Pain * Bruxism * Malocclusion Difficulty, noise or pain when chewing, opening, closing or moving your jaw up, down or sideways Abnormal sensations with jaw movement * Grinding & Clenching Teeth * Tired Jaw on waking * Deviation when opening or closing your jaw * Jaw Joints Tender To Touch * Tight Shoulders * Referred pain in your face, neck, head, eyes, spine, joints, shoulders, hips, knees ankles and feet * Ear pressure * Tinnitus * Dizziness * Blurred Vision * Eyesight * Hearing * Headaches & Migraines * Swallowing difficulties * Teeth wearing down or getting broken off during sleep * Aching teeth * Digestive disorders * Bladder problems * Bed wetting * Uterine prolapse
Prostate * Growing pains, * Hiatus hernia * Ilio-caecal valve problems * Reactive muscles * Learning difficulties * Concentration & Coordination issues * ADHD * Allergies * Whiplash * and so much more…

TMJ Treatment Frequently Asked Questions 

Australian Dollars $39.95 (includes worldwide shipping with secure Post service)

What The RESET TMJ Treatment Does

Eliminates TMJ pain and stress by getting to the cause, ultimately eliminating your TMJ disorder. This high effective TMJ Treatment will assist you to:

* Heal the real cause of your TMJ pain and end your pain by eliminating to the cause of it
* Eliminate facial pain, referred pain, joint pain, as well as your headaches and migraines
* Put an end to your neck pain, jaw pain, shoulders pain, and upset stomach and indigestion
* Stop the painful jaw grinding, clicking and popping, and relieve jaw tension
* Relaxes your entire body so that you sleep better and awake feeling more refreshed
* Save you on endless visits to your dentist, chiropractor or doctors surgery
* Prevent further health problems, stress and complications by keeping your body in balance
* Improve your quality of life, reduce your stress levels and help you to be more relaxed
* Increase your energy, vitality and bounce back quicker if you do get unwell
* Gives you motivation to get things done, recharges your batteries and improves your health

For the best results, use the TMJ Treatment as often as possible – every day if you can to see the results. The results will come – most of them are immediate, but in some cases they do take longer, depending on how long you have had your condition for. If you follow the TMJ Treatment, step-by-step, you will heal and your symptoms start to reduce right away, and you will start feeling and looking much better, as your body quickly balances itself naturally. After a few days, your TMJ disorder and other related symptoms will disappear, and you will most probably forget about them. Best of all, you we free from pain and discomfort, have more energy and vitality, and people will notice how much better you look.

RESET Jaw Correction Home Healing SystemRESET Jaw Correction Home Energy Healing Pain Relief Treatment

Five Good Reasons to use the RESET Jaw Correction Technique

1. Experience Amazing Benefits
You can start using the TMJ Jaw Relief Treatment right away, as soon as your instruction manual arrives. It is complete safe, as long you as you follow all the steps in the instructions, it is fast and effective.

2. It Is Simple Enough For Anyone
All the steps are clearly explained with simple in follow color photographs, so anyone can easily use this TMJ Jaw Relief Treatment.

3. It Is Completely Effective
As long as your use the TMJ Jaw Relief Treatment regularly and follow all the steps in the instructions, you will get immediate and effective results.

4. It Is Not Easily Available
You will not be able to find our Jaw Relief TMJ Treatment manual anywhere. It is only available in Australia and through our instructors. Due to our strict copyright, we are unable to provide it as an eBook as we do not want it duplicated or copied by anyone else.

5. You Can Be Confident Of Your Results
We guarantee that if you use this Jaw Relief TMJ Treatment regularly, daily if possible, you will see amazing improvements in your health and well-being.

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Australian Dollars $39.95 (includes worldwide shipping with secure Post service)

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