Progurt Probiotics with 1 Trillion CFU

Best Probiotics For Good Gut Health 

This health revolution has arrived in the form of  Progurt probiotics.  They  contain one trillion CPU (colony forming units) of healthy gut flora.  Consequently, it is completely natural. It contains no colours, no flavours, low GI, no sugar and no gluten, as well as no gelatine, no binders, no stabilizers and no preservatives.

Progurt is a revolutionary new formulation of multiple strains of probiotics healthy gut bacteria. Therefore, it is highly effective, powerful and very efficient.  It is been proven to cure incurable diseases health issues that were haven’t been able to be resolved for a long time. 

Furthermore, it has been developed through 21 years of research.  These probiotics were isolated, identified, purified and produced in a lab. As a result, nothing has been compromised in bringing you the best in healthy gut probiotics.

Progurt Probiotics Testimonial

Thank you Progurt !  After three years of reacting to foods, environment etc and attempting to find a probiotic supplement that I wouldn’t react to, it’s like a miracle.  I took the Progurt and not one single reaction to these Probiotics. My vision immediately felt clearer each and every time I had Progurt. In the first ten days I noticed myself feeling stronger and clearer in my thinking. I actually felt amazing and I had many practitioners telling me I looked better and different. I am very grateful to my Kinesiologist, Karen Winter, who recommended it to me. A great product ! Cynthia P. Melbourne, 26th February 2009

Progurt Probiotics For Good Gut Health 
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Progurt Probiotics work in a number of ways by:

  • Enabling you to digest the food you eat
  • Ensuring you absorb as many nutrients as possible from your food
  • Preventing and helping you fight off infections
  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Decreasing the presence of harmful bacteria in your gut

How Progurt improves your health and well-being

Your body is dependent on the right balance of gastrointestinal bacteria. Therefore, Progurt has a unique bacterial formula which improves the balance of flora in your body.

Why we need to supplement our bacterial colonies

Highly processed foods and medicines destroy the natural bacteria we are born with.  And then our food today these days contains insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and preservatives.  In addition, most of us have had to ingest antibiotics, which kill our intestinal flora.

Progurt Review – Probiotics Miraculous Results 

“I am writing to thank you for supplying Progurt to me earlier this year.  I have been a Diabetic for approximately 30 years and dependent on insulin injections. I was a patient of Professor Chisholms, from St Vincent Hospital, Sydney, until recently.  I am now non-diabetic and I no longer require insulin. This has been confirmed by my local doctor, Dr Phippes, following blood tests.  I believe that the Progurt probiotics assisted my recovery from Diabetes along with weight lost, Vitamin supplements and protein powder.  I should mention that I am an 83 year old active lady. I am so pleased with my miraculous results. Patricia Sheath, Sydney 2007

Progur tProbiotics For Good Gut Health 
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What you can expect from a course of Progurt Probiotics

Many people experience immediate benefits eating Progurt.  As a result, healthy people having increased awareness and well being.  Those with health problems experience improvements in their conditions.

People suffering from disease have experienced extraordinary results, when they consume Progurt on a regular basis. Incredible benefits have been experienced with those who have been crippled with multiple sclerosis becoming more mobile; people with Diabetes have experienced improvements in their circulation; and an overall improvement in general health.

In conclusion, Yogurt just got more powerful!  Progurt probiotics are not medicine.  They are food.  But the fact is that it has certain effects on the metabolism which can directly affect many health outcomes.  Progurt probiotics allow you to lose weight.  This alone has direct effects on many health outcomes.

Does your probiotic compare to Progurt probiotics 1 trillion cfu per litre

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