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Porphyria is an inherited condition, which may affect some 30% of the population.  This disorder shows up during times of high level stress, due to toxicity, drug abuse or micro-organism infection. It is a common underlying issue when pathogens, Candida, parasites, Lyme Disease and viruses are present.

Consequently, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity (EHS) and environmental illness are signs that you may have Porphyria.  Therefore, intolerances to MSG, caffeine, alcohol, stress, medications, supplements or specific substances are common.

Porphyria – The Cause Of Environmental Illnesses

Porphyria Book Steven Rochlitz

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As a result, Porphyria gets activated during times of illness and stress. It is triggered by Candida, parasites, Lyme, viruses and bacterial infections.  High levels of toxicity and even reactions to medication may trigger it.  In other words, when the condition becomes active, people become chronically ill and highly allergic.  As a result, this leads to multiple chemical sensitivity and EHS.

What Are The Triggers of Porphyria?

Do you have an intolerance or hyper-sensitivity to caffeine, alcohol or MSG?

Are you unable to cope mentally or emotionally?

Do you react to medications or find they do not work at all?

Perhaps you are intolerant to vitamin and mineral supplements?

Illnesses Set To Explode

Above all, are you ready to deal with Porphyria and address other chronic illness and what my be lurking beneath it?

In conclusion, this book contains new information.  It discusses problems with your diet and what supplements to take.  This book teaches you how to treat yourself.  It uses energy balancing, trigger points and a whole lot more.

It is the first holistic and integrative guide of its kind on Porphyria.

Australian Dollars $49.95 (includes postage with tracking service)

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