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Porphyria – The Ultimate Cause Of Common Chronic Environmental Illness

Porphyria may cause an intolerance of caffeine, alcohol, stress, medication, vitamin and mineral supplements and MSG are possible signs of underlying Porphyria—as are Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Electromagnetic Field (EMF) sensitivity and other Environmental Illnesses.

This disorder causes an intolerance to many foods and substances such as caffeine, MSG, salicylates, multiple chemical sensitivity and electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity.

Some 20% of people may have a Porphyria genetic defect that shows itself after stress, toxicity, drugs or microorganism — and is a common underlying issue with Candida, parasites, Lyme Disease and viruses — going into overgrowth.

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Porphyria Book Steven Rochlitz


As the cover indicates, Porphyria may be the hidden cause of many chronic and mystery illness and perhaps the final piece of the puzzle” for many of us with chronic and persistent illness, and why so many of us are so reactive to Environmental influences these days.

Porphyria (pronounced as poor-fair’-ee-uh) is not a “rare or uncommon illness”.  In fact, some 20% of us may be adversely is a genetic defect, which exhibits itself by showing up in times of distress, high levels of toxicity, a reaction to medication, or is activated by microorganisms such Candida, parasites, Lyme, viruses and bacterial infections.  When it becomes active, many individuals then become chronically unwell and even extremely “allergic.”

So what is Porphyria?

Do you have an intolerance or hyper-sensitivity to caffeine, liquor, get distressed easily, reactive to certain medications or find they do not work at all, cannot tolerate many vitamin and mineral dietary supplements and react badly to MSG?  These are possible signs of a fundamental Porphyria issue.  Other factors that become activated by Porphyria are Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Electromagnetic Field (EMF) sensitivity as well as other Environmental Diseases.

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Porphyria May Be The Cause Of Many Illnesses Set To Explode

Are you ready to deal with Porphyria and address this chronic illness and what my be lurking beneath it?

This book contains a stack of new information, and discusses other conditions or problems such as diet and supplements; and how you can best treat yourself with energy balancing, trigger points (for common heart and lung problems) and a whole lot more.

This guide book is eight inches by 11 inches in size and contains 172 pages with 21 Chapters, six appendices, an index, a bibliography, 13 food group lists and many illustrations.  It is the first holistic and integrative guide of its kind about Porphyria.

Perfect bound and digitally printed so therefore less likely to cause allergic reactions whilst reading.

Australian Dollars $69.95 (includes postage with tracking service)

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