MTHFR And Lyme Disease

After years treating people with Lyme Disease and MTHFR, I have found that the reason 30% of the population get Lyme disease.  This may be due to MTHFR polymorphisms.

MTHFR polymorphorisms are genetic defects or predispositions some of us have been born with.  It may be possible that some 90% of the population may be affected by Borrelia, and are carriers of this pathogen.  Many people may not become unwell from this disease for 20, 30 or even 50 years.  Some get ill right away because of their MTHFR genetic defects.  These are inherited from our mother.

Karma may also play a role too or simply just plain bad luck!

I got Lyme Disease from a mosquito bite on my inside right ankle.  It was while I  was driving home from work one Friday back in 1993, and saw the mosquito as it bit my ankle.  Where I worked was in an inner city suburb of Melbourne, Australia at that time.

From this mosquito bite, I was unable to go back to work until the following Thursday.  This was due to my leg blowing up so badly that I was hardly able to walk.  My leg turned a reddish-purple colour.  This was the typical EM rash – a common symptom of Lyme Disease.

As doctors are not trained to recognise and diagnose this disease in Australia, my doctor did not seem to think I required antibiotics.  Had she prescribed the correct ones, it would have saved me being ill for 24 years with this nasty disease.

MTHFR Polymorphorisms

If you have one of the MTHFR Genetic Mutations, this means your body cannot methylate Folate or Folic Acid properly. This has a huge role in enzymes in the body.

When you have this genetic defect, you have to take the methylated form of Folate (Folinic Acid), or better still eat lots of green leafy vegetables which are high in natural Folinic Acid.

Folic Acid is a man-made substance made for the livestock, which makes most humans sleepy, especially if you have one of these MTHFR genetic defects.

Did you know that Folic Acid is a man-made substance made for the livestock?  For some of us, it makes us sleepy.  It is used commercially and added to loaves of bread, breakfast cereal and a whole lot more.

When you have the MTHFR genetic defect, you are more prone to bacterial infections.  If you have been affected by Borrelia and other Lyme Disease pathogens, and you have a MTHFR genetic defect, you are more likely to getting full-blown symptoms of Lyme Disease compared to other people who have normal genes.

For more informtaion about MTHFR read

Lyme Disease Loves Mercury And Heavy Metals

I was born with Mercury and Heavy Metal induced Porphyria.  My mother had all her teeth removed when she was 5 months pregnant with me, as I nearly died of Blood Poisoning.  Her teeth were full of Mercury and Amalgam fillings which severely damaged my brain and my nervous system.

My liver detoxification pathways are more reactive due to the high amounts of Mercury and heavy metals, that I was exposed to before I was born.  This causes my liver over produces Cytochrome detoxification enzymes, over-reacting to all the toxins, including the Lyme Disease induced ones.

Lyme Disease also has a huge affinity to Mercury and Heavy Metal toxicity.

I had already detoxed Mercury and heavy metals many years before.  I knew I have to be careful not to eradicate Lyme Disease too fast.  This is because of the effects of die-off, which is caused by the release the Heavy Metals back into the body.

I also had Pyroluria which is another Genetic Defect I was born with. This is another symptom or condition of Lyme Disease, as Pyroluria may be caused by Lyme Disease. Pyroluria cause a Zinc and Vitamin B6 deficiency.  Lyme Disease hijacks your immune system to stop it working which causes excretion of your Zinc and B6.

Lyme Disease and Candida Yeast Infection

Thankfully I cleared up my Candida Yeast infection, commonly known as Thrush, many years ago. My symptoms from Lyme Disease may be less severe than that of others.  This was because I didn’t have a Candida yeast infection which generally goes with having Lyme Disease.

This would make the condition so much worse as I remember being so very ill when I had Candida.  I could not imagine what having this along with the Lyme Disease symptoms together. If you do have Candida, I highly recommend you clear it up quickly.

I know how ill I was when I had bad Candida in my 20’s and early 30’s.  I could not imagine having Candida and Lyme Disease at the same time.  No wonder people with Lyme Disease get so sick!!!

Candida makes your condition so much worse.  As do other bacterial and viral infections that come with Lyme Disease.  Then there are all the parasites you have to get rid of too.

Mercury, Heavy Metals and Candida must be cleared up in your body FIRST.  This must be done well BEFORE you even consider treating Lyme Disease and all it’s co-infections…

If you have Lyme Disease or know someone who is unlucky to have it, then the Proven Recovery Protocol in my book will make a huge difference.  It will most likely save their life or yours…

MTHFR Is Commonly Present With Lyme Disease

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