Safe Letting Go Of Emotions

Keep letting go of emotions and feelings

How do you deal with letting go of emotions? Are you stuffing them back down, avoid them, suppress them and avoid them, shove them somewhere out of the way so that you no longer have to deal with them?

Do you deal with letting go of emotions as they come to the surface, feel them, acknowledge them, appreciate them and then release them and let them go?  Did you know that when you stuff your feelings and emotions down, they are still there… somewhere? This means you are using lots of your energy to actually hold them down and keep them there, when letting go of emotions uses less energy.



What if your emotions are like a whole bunch of helium balloons. And you know what holding onto a bunch of these is like? Yes they just want to go up, up, and fly away. Because if you are letting of of emotions, that is exactly what they do.

So imagine all your feelings and emotions as a whole bunch of helium balloons. How many of them have you stuff down, pushed away and not wanted to deal with that you are still holding onto? How big is your bunch of helium balloons?  What you are actually doing is continually pushing them down so that you don’t have to deal with them. However, what you are doing is keeping them in your energy fields, your body, your muscles, organs or where ever else you stuffed them.

Now it takes a lot of energy to keep holding onto all these feelings and emotions…. it’s like continually holding onto helium balloons that you have to keep down so that they don’t fly away.  This ages you, slows you down, and uses up your energy resources that could be used for better things.

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Not letting go of emotions and feelings may be what is stopping your success!

If you constantly get angry, and people keep pushing your anger buttons all the time, this is because you are still holding onto a whole bunch of helium balloons that have Anger written on them. Now that can age you quite considerably.

What if you let go of all those helium balloons (aka feelings and emotions) that no longer serve you? What if you can just let them go? You can?  Because letting go of emotions frees up your energy and creates more space in your life.

How? Easy… just your old emotions and feelings to come to the surface. Letting go of emotions is just like you are letting go of a whole lot of helium balloons.  Keep saying yes yes yes yes yes yes yes to them… just the same way as you Release Resistance. Check out the link in yesterday’s email if you don’t know how to use this tool.

Feel your feelings and emotions. Acknowledge them, Appreciate them, and then BREATHE them out and let them go. Better out than in wouldn’t you agree?

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Keep letting go of emotions and feelings as they come up constantly.  Get into the habit of doing this.  Let go of your anger and why you constantly keep getting angry or whatever emotions keep surfacing for you.

It’s as easy as this. Feel them. Acknowledge them. Release them. And let them go. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.  Them bring in some nice feelings such as Love And Appreciation to replace the ones you have let go of!

Use this process and enjoy your newfound energy!  Notice how much better look to when you let go of emotions like this!

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