Fatigue And Its Factors

Recovering from Fatigue!

My name is Karen, and I am going to take you through my chronic fatigue journey.  I have learnt along the way on how to recover and get well.

Little did I know (until only a handful of years ago), I was born with brain damage but my parents did not ever say anything.  You see, my mother got pregnant with me at the age of 18.  My parents married when she was four months pregnant with me, with my father making out he had to have a wife to get a position on a dairy farm as a share milker.

Mum got an electric shock of the caravan my parents were honeymooning in – my first shock in the womb (first trauma!).  To make matters worse, when my mother from 5 months pregnant with me she had to have all her teeth removed (second trauma!)!  This was because I nearly died of blood from blood poisoning.  The worse thing was, her teeth were full of mercury and amalgam fillings, and the high levels of mercury that came through the placenta to me in the womb caused a huge blockage in the back of my brain.

Ironically, after years of health issues and finding great recovering with Kinesiology, specialising in treating Mercury and heavy metals toxicity. This was due to the amazing results I got myself with Kinesiology.  My journey has been more challenging that all this.  On top of the trauma that occurred before I was born, caused me to be born with high psychic and intuitive abilities (and high sensitivity).  I then suffered much trauma and abuse throughout my childhood.  Much later in life I learnt how this has impacted on myself and my entire family.

From Chronic Fatigue And Candida To Happy Ever After
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Some Of The Factors That Cause Fatigue

I suffered from fatigue all of my life which had a lot to do with the high levels of Mercury toxicity in my body. Chronic fatigue syndrome can be caused by many factors including lack of sleep, health issues and environmental elements that cause tiredness, low energy and feeling drained in general.  This blog explores many of the underlying causes of fatigue from low grade health issues that you may not be aware of, to poor diet and our excessive over consumption of sugar, to other environmental toxins and other elements that influence our lives daily.

There are many factors that can contribute to varying forms of fatigue from mild forms where removing the cause such as not getting enough sleep at night can resolves this easily; to chronic forms that impact on your entire life due to systemic health issues or underlying disease; to the amount of stress and trauma you have accumulated and are holding in your body; to the emotional factors that impact your lives.

Have You Ever Wondered Why You Cannot Relax?

Most of us in this modern day and age live in Stage 2 or Stage 3 Adrenal stress due to our fast styled lives living in cosmopolitan cities, racing around busy, and feeling like we cannot relax and have to be constantly doing, doing, doing, doing….  does that sound like you?

Have you ever wondered why it does feel easy to simply relax?  Why you cannot sit still, chill, take it easy – and then when you do your feel tired – exhausted – so you have to keep moving and keep busy so the tiredness, fatigue and exhaustion doesn’t set in, not allowing you to relax?  Do you have adrenal burn-out?

Or perhaps you are aware that you have health issues whether they are physiological such as heart disease, or some systemic dis-ease, such as a virus or bacterial infection; or perhaps like many, you have done the rounds of the doctors and specialists who say they cannot find anything wrong with you and it is all in your head, despite the fact you are dragging yourself around all day chronically fatigued, with low energy and no matter how many hours you sleep, you still feel that way.

We will explore useful tools and self treatment remedies to reduce your  fatigue, improve your health and wellness, and to increase your energy levels (no coffee does not do this – it actually makes you more fatigued!). Learn more in my new book at http://www.beatingchronicfatigue.com/beating-chronic-fatigue-ebook/ 

Follow this blog as some of the answers will be surprising!


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