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Are you a battle with yourself to be in a relationship?  Do you give up a very be part of who you are to fit into another person’s reality?

Are you being expected you to be someone else, instead of being you?

Would you like you to create a truly fulfilling relationship?

Where you don’t give up what you love to do in live?

Where you can be free to be who you really are in your relationship.

Are you spending your life fulfilling your partners needs in your relationship and giving up your own in order to please them?

Do you wonder why your relationships become less energising and more and more frustrating as you pass more and more judgements on your partner, cutting off the flow of energy in your relationship from your continual judgements?

Relationships – have you given up who you are in yours?

Would you love to received totally and fully in relationship, and have your partner receive fully from you so that your relationship is continually growing, equal and refreshing?

Would you like to create something completely different in relationship that is nurturing and empowering, whilst being free to do whatever you choose and without no judgement?

Would you therefore like to simply be yourself in relationship;  coming from a different choice and a different way of being?

This amazing book explores how you can create better relationships, without giving up any parts of yourself or divorcing parts of the life you truly enjoy living.

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Divorceless Relationships Book By Gary Douglas
Divorceless Relationships Book by Gary Douglas

Are you able to be You in your Relationships?

Improve your relationship with yourself and others.  Forget about giving up who you are and what you really love to do and BE, just so you can fit into someone else’s reality.  Stop living a life other than the authentic life of truly BEING you!

AUD$49.95 (Including shipping with tracking)
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