Health And How Candida Affects It

How Your Candida Yeast Fungal Infection Is Affecting Your Health

A Candida fungal infection is not only bad for your health; they are contagious and can easily affect your loved ones. They also go hand in hand with many illnesses as being the underlying cause of a lot of dis-ease in your body, and when left out of check for too long will eventually lead to Cancer.

Anti-fungal medications are not the answer either, as they do not necessarily kill off Candida and can lead to great immune system issues and further disease.  The best was to deal with a Candida Fungal infection is to build up your immune system naturally and stop feeding the Candida with all the foods it craves, and then remove the underlying cause of why it is out of balance in the first place, as unless you remove this underlying cause, you will not be able to bring your Candida back to natural balance in your body.

The book “From Chronic Fatigue And Candida To Happy Ever After” explains this to you as well as precise ways to get your health and wellness back quickly and easily, as well as explaining which foods to eat which do not feed it, as well as which foods are safe to eat while you eradicate the underlying cause of this, with the tips and techniques explained in this amazing and comprehensive eBook written by someone who has 30 years experience detail with these issues

I got started in Kinesiology after experiencing such great results myself, after which my Chronic Fatigue and all my allergies went away, and I felt better right away. Letting go of our old thoughts, feelings and emotions is important, as well as our Resistance to them

Posted by Karen Winter Kinesiologist on Sunday, February 5, 2017

I too had Candida and Allergies

I Was Born With Candida From My Mother – Were You?

We even inherit our Candida fungal infections from our mother’s (as well as the underlying cause of this imbalance) in the womb via the placenta, as well as during our journey down the birth canal, so our children may not be safe from this either, especially if their mother has a Candida yeast infection imbalance.  Children born with “Cradle Cap” are actually born with Candida, as is the white spots inside their mouths, and the rashes around the nipples and breasts during breast feeding.

Often the Immune System does not know any different when this is present at birth as if thinks it is normal, which is why activating and notifying your Immune System in a nature way that it is an imbalance, and sending the correct messages for your body to handle it, is a better way to treat it than Pharmaceutical drugs that will leave you toxic and depleted, destroying your Immune System’s ability to function.

Antibiotics won’t do it either and there may be a good chance that the reason you have Candida fungus in your body is from a course of antibiotics you took at some point in your life.  Antibiotics kill everything – good and bad – not distinction!  They lay the path (gastrointestinal lining) bare for the bad bacterial and opportunist fungal infections to grow and invade, due to destroying all your good but flora leaving huge area for them to grow and put their roots into and spread.

And Candida LOVES sugar!  In fact, it loves anything that will feed it – more yeast, alcohol, gluten, simple carbohydrates found in processed foods such as potato chips, cookies, white pasta, beer, wine and anything full of high quantities of sugar, or anything the body can quickly convert to sugar.

Once Candida and fungal infections proliferate in your body, this paves the way for parasites, bacterial, protozoa and viral infections to take hold, which then develop into colonies of their own, which lead to other diseases developing in the body due to the continual lowering of your Immune System.  This is how Cancer and other disease are formed.


From Chronic Fatigue And Candida and how it affects your health


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