Chronic Fatigue and Candida to Health and Happiness Book

How to beat Candida Yeast Infections, Allergies and Chronic Fatigue

Whilst writing my Candida and Chronic Fatigue book, I went out with a friend and she began talking about her Chronic Fatigue and Candida health issues, and she did not know that I was a qualified Complementary Medicine Practitioner specialising in this field.  She had been unwell for a long time trying to deal with Chronic Fatigue and Candida, getting very confused consulting “Dr Google”!

She had purchased and read several of the eBooks online written by (unqualified) people with no training or clinical experience, who had somehow gotten themselves well and are now providing poor unproven information, poor Candida diets and causing much confusion for many people out there in the world.

Our afternoon tea together was spent ironing out these issues she had experienced from people who were NOT qualified to provide this information.  I explained I had 30 years treating people with these conditions with much success, after not only getting myself well, I got thousands of other people well too.

I wrote this Candida and Chronic Fatigue book (and am writing my next book on How to Recover From Lyme Disease), as this information is lacking in the market place…  this Candida and Chronic Fatigue book comes with a proven protocol many have used increase their energy, improve their health and finally get well… and in the fastest way possible!

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What you will learn book on how to treat Candida and Chronic Fatigue is what the underlying causes are, how to address them FAST and: 

  • What causes Candida imbalances in the body
  • What is the underlying cause of Candida
  • What is the cause of Chronic Fatigue
  • How to get well the fastest way possible
  • Why you have these conditions and what is really going on
  • Find out what Medical Research won’t know for find out for 20 to 30 years
  • Why these conditions are not  understood
  • Learn about mystery illness and why the are given labels

This Candida and Chronic Fatigue book is written by a qualified Health Professional who has personally addressed her own battle with having to deal with these disorders had to over come them.  Karen has successfully treated many people for these conditions with amazing results since 1991 (25+ years) bringing them back to good health.  For testimonials of my clients results over the years please read: 

Get this amazing Candida and Chronic Fatigue Book Today!

Save time and money on supplements and treatments that do not work or take too long to work.  Shortcut your way to health fast with this Chronic Fatigue book that provides fast solutions back to great health and happiness.

AUD$29.97 (An eBook which is a Proven Formula for the FAST treatment of Chronic Fatigue, Candida, Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness)

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