Crazy Prey or Predator?

are you predator or are you prey

We are all born with a mammalian brain, as we as humans are still mammals.  We too go into “Fright, Fight or Freeze” when under attack, just like animals in nature who are exposed to being prey or predators.  It is all part of the way our brain works to protects us.

When this happens, we feel as though the tiger is always about to pounce.  Our adrenal is pumping 24 hours a day, seven days a week… even though the threat has gone.

When you live you life this way, you are always the victim.  Operating from being the victim, makes you feel as though you are always prey, running from predators.

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You end up unconsciously ‘blaming’ everything and everyone for your life, and what happens to you as prey, as you are constantly looking outside of yourself.  Looking for the next predator to pounce on you….

When you are in predator mode, you are no longer a victim of circumstance or prey.  You then have the ability to succeed in whatever you choose to do in your life.

You have strength, and no matter what happens with life’s ups and downs, you handle everything and remain in your power, just like a Lion with the pride of your pack.

What happens when we SWITCH between being Prey and being a Predator

Let’s take a look a how most people in our modern civilisation begin their day? Do you begin your day by turning on your electronic device, flicking through Instagram, Facebook or some form of Social Media (exposing yourself to all those ads that Prey on you)?

And how do you begin your work day? Do you read your emails first thing when you turn your computer on? As you read through your emails, are you prey? Or are you predator?

If you begin your day being constantly feeling as though you are being preyed on, and you end up having a frustrating, unproductive day.  You find things do not flow as well as you expect, and you may find you cannot get into the projects you are working on.

When you function as prey, your concentration has been zapped, as you sub-consciously feel you are always been preyed on, which unconsciously takes away your power.

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Take back your power back

Turn yourself back into predator mode and take back your power.  Take back your precious time first thing in the morning.  Do the things you love to do for yourself.

Take a morning walk, go for a jog, do some yoga or some stretching exercises. Read a book, spend time with your family or friends, or listen to a motivating personal development podcast.

When you get to work, begin your day working on your most important project or task of the day.  Leave your emails, Facebook and social media until midday or later in the afternoon so you do not start your day as prey.

Note how much your productivity improves when you operate from the power of your mammalian predator mode. Notice the difference this makes to your day.

Notice how much better you feel; how much your personal development grows; and how much more successful each and every day is.  Just from beginning your day differently.

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