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Karen Fay Winter MIndset Coach and Wellness Leader
Karen Fay Winter Mindset Coach and Wellness Leader

As a Mindset Coach, I assist you to achieve your goals, confidence and success.  But what I am really passionate about is empowering people to create greater happiness, vitality and energy.

For most of my life I was unwell and I suffered from trauma and abuse in childhood.  In my earlier years I had mercury toxicity, Candida, chronic fatigue and myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E.).  Recently I found out I had had Lyme Disease for 24 years. I completely eradicated it just 15 months.  Despite these major health setbacks I had in life, I now have amazing energy, vitality and happiness.

As a result of this I am a Mindset Coach.  I came to the realisation that to increase my vitality, wellness and overall happiness, it was all about changing my mindset.  I dramatically increased my energy and vitality using powerful mindset tools.

Now I teach people how to can increase their vitality and energy; how to achieve their goals; and how to attain happiness, confidence and success.

As a Mindset Coach I Am Like The Guardian Angel Of Your Mind

I guide you through the “minefield” of your mind. As a Mindset Coach, I am like the guardian angel of your unconscious and sub-conscious minds.  I identify what is holding you back, so that you can move forward to achieve your goals, increase your confidence, and how have the success you truly deserve to have.

When you work with me as your Mindset Coach, my 90 day coaching programme steps you through the various aspects of your life, and we identify the End Results you desire to achieve.  When I work with you, I hone in on what it is you wish to achieve. And I show you how to remain focused on these.

I take you through processes that identify what it is stopping you from achieving your goals.  I provide powerful techniques that produce amazing results. These tools are yours to use for life, because you are free to share these with your loved ones, family and friends. Many of my clients using these tool exceeded expectations.

A Mindset Coach That Explores The Champagne Bubbles Of Your Subconscious Mind

Working with a Mindset Coach is like working with through champagne bubbles of your sub-conscious mind. We identifying where these bubbles are coming from. You can then release what is holding you back and what is stopping you from achieving amazing energy, vitality, confidence and success.

I work with people like you who have overcome their struggles, their anxiety and panic, and their low energy levels.  We work to overcome life’s ups and downs. I show you how to be responsive rather than reactive in handling the events of your daily life.  You can read about my successes by clicking here…

When you work with me what happens is you are able to clearly see what obstacles you have to overcome. I show you how to overcome anxiety and panic, and how to being emotionally stronger. I guide you to easily release the energy behind what is holding you back. You work to release these blockages in your energy fields, so that you achieve the level of who you truly are, in order to be you truly BE.

Benefits you will have are greater confidence, vitality and energy.  You will achieve greater happiness within yourself, no matter what happens.  And, you will achieve a calmness and peace within yourself that you may not have experienced for a long time.

The core benefit of your work with me is you will have sustainable energy levels and vitality that you may not have experienced for a long time. Furthermore, you will experience a greater love for live, success and abundant happiness.

In love and light
Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin
Coach and Mindset Leader

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