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Transform Chronic Fatigue And Candida Into Health And Vitality

Transform your life to a happy and healthier YOU in the fastest way possible with the guidance of a Complementary Medicine Practitioner who healed herself, and then spent 25 years leading others with Chronic Fatigue and Candida to great health and happiness.  Not only has she recovered from these conditions herself, she has had amazing results transforming the health, wellness and the lives of many!

Do you wish to transform your health and wellness to a whole new level of health, wellness and happiness?

Do you want to know how to overcome Candida and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have energy, better health and wellness?

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Transform Your Life Into Health, Happiness and Success

Would you like to learn how to FAST-TRACK your recovery back to health by removing the causes and transform you health and your life?

Do you wish you knew the secrets of recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) Candida, Lyme Disease and chronic illness so you can transform back to who you truly are?

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Are you looking for Personal Transformation One On One Coaching?  Here Is More Information About Me…

Thank you for being here. For those of you who have asked…
  1. I grew up in New Zealand and moved to Australia to live in 1986 and have done much travelling during this time.
  2. I did not marry as I chose to dedicate my live to contributing to the health and well-being of others.
  3. My favourite place to be to be is anywhere outdoors in nature. I especially love being near the beach.
  4. I have a deep love and connection with animals, and I spent the first part of my childhood growing up on a farm with lots of animals.
  5. I started my career working in an office. I studied for my Diploma of Health Sciences In Holistic Kinesiology in my 30’s.
  6. It is on my bucket list to live wherever I wish to, for as long as I wish to, and continue travelling, which is why I am in Bali, Indonesia right now.
  7. I love reading non-fiction especially books by people who have profound messages to share who provide hope in the face of adversity. We can all become heroes!
  8. My Father was an Organic farmer and one of the first farmers to provide Pesticide-Free vegetables that were Organic, which was ironic that I was really ill due to Pesticide poisoning!
  9. I have overcome Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (C.F.S.) and a severe Candida Yeast Infection in my 20’s.
  10. I have done a lot of Personal Development including going to the Oneness University near Chennai India; attending countless Kinesiology training workshops; and training in other Energy Healing Systems including Access Consciousness and Bars.
  11. This year I am writing my second book on how I completely overcame Lyme Disease in only 15 months in my 50’s.  I was told that it was not possible to overcome this but I did based on my experience and knowledge as a Complementary Medicine pracitioner!

 Karen Winter Chronic Fatigue Coach, Candida Coach, Transformation Coach


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